Monday, April 30, 2012

iPhone Pics

The Munchie Mobile Food Truck
this place is the bomb
The Lumineers @ Williamsburg Music Hall, Brooklyn
this was a mini banana creme pie. Delicious!
Kirbo eating a massive wrap
there are two rats in this picture from the subway. i like spying for rats
Saturday morning in Bryant Park
Kopecky Family Band @ The Williamsburg Music Hall, Brooklyn
Seattle sent me cuppiecakes!

Lesson Learning

I should have learned how to properly relax before getting pregnant. I'm not sure I've ever really been able to sit still. Even when I've been in the hospital sick they give me pain meds so I sleep. (haha, that is funny). But really... with the life that I have lived, crazy, adventurous and utterly spontaneous, being pregnant has been a massive challenge. A rewarding challenge, but a challenge nonetheless.

I have taken up new hobbies:

Gypsy Cab Riding
Taking photo's of sleeping people on trains.
comparing people i know to Dogs I see in the neighborhood.
Admiring the fashion choices of people in NYC. (Facinating)
Staring at Ceilings
Trying to make my clothes fit no matter what so I don't have to buy a bigger size.
Avoiding every travel website I used to frequent.
Writing into Television Shows
Working my butt off
Writing emails to "24 year old Carrie". Someone is writing me from an email address named that and its awesomely hilarious.

That's it for now. Perhaps I'll add blogging more to that list.

Happy Monday, Folks! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm on a Mission

...To develop an app that is free and garner some kind of following and have zero revenue but have Facebook buy it from me for 1 BILLION DOLLARS!

that is sort of my dream. Damn you Instagram.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


So, that quite possibly could be me next year according to my Cousin-In- Law. (Is that even something?)
We have a bet in place that the PAC 10 is going to sweep all three championships like the SEC did this year. 
That means, Baseball, Basketball AND Football. 
I feel confident in my bet of "no chance in hell that will happen". 
I am changing my suggestion for him though. If IIIIIIIIIII Win... he has to shave his head like Larry from Three Stooges. DO WE HAVE A DEAL, ANDREW!? 


Monday, April 2, 2012

My Future Daughter?

I feel as if she is her...

This is so darn funny to me!

Pics from last week

The parentals came in to the city for a visit and Italian was enjoyed by all
losing mega millions ticket
really cool local artist showcase that is only open on weekends
Sunday Morning street book sales in Brooklyn.
Kirbs barely fits down the grocery store aisles! They are so SOOOO narrow.
Gotye at Webster Hall in NYC
WHEN will the skinny jean trend leave for GUYS! Yes, this is a man's legs.