Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last Weekend

We left NYC at 8:30pm for a 6 hour drive south
arrived at 1am and were on the lake the next day.
to escape the madness at Camp Marvin, we went to the local sports store and I found my lover. (RG3)
all our presents from my impromtu baby shower
the kids LOVE uncle Scottie
is there anything better than biscuits and gravy when in the south? NOPE!

Brooklyn - Williamsburg - LOVE!

Very cool article about my neighborhood!

Brooklyn Rebounds as the New Bohemia

Many people are upset that Brooklyn is changing over to a more high end neighborhood. I can see how those who have lived here long would be reluctant to all the change. However, after living in Philly I am PUMPED to be living in such a changing, hip and awesome Burrough of NYC! To those that want that true grit... get on a train headed south and put up shop in North Philly. Go hang out on Girard or walk up Broad... I think you'll be happy when you return to yuppy'fying, Williamsburg.

Scott, can we get some of the home made brine pickles at the farmers market this weekend?! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012