Friday, December 30, 2011

To a Beautiful New Year

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day."
Edith Lovejoy Pierce

I love that quote. Its been making me think a lot about this upcoming year, 2012. I know in my heart of hearts (what does that even mean?) that 2012 is going to be OUR year. It's going to be Scott and I's year, its going to my MY families year, its going to be HIS families year and its going to be YOUR year. I just have such good positive vibes about 2012, I really cannot wait. 

Besides for a few days in 2011, its been a wash. I am happy to see it go and I might even kick it in the ass on the way out. 2011 has taught me so much about myself though, so I guess I can't just throw that out the window. We survived, we learned, we grew. One thing that was easy was loving. That has never changed or wobbled even with moving to a city where we knew NO ONE, me getting sick again and just having a hard time adjusting. However... that is ALLLLLLLLLL changing. I CAN'T WAIT! 


So now for my last open letter of the year: 

Dear 2012, 

You have a very pretty outfit on today. (See! I'm using one of my resolutions, "compliment more".) I'm excited to meet you and I think we're going to get along VERY well. I've been waiting for a year like you, filled with opportunity, love, adventure, health and happiness -- I have faith YOU are going to be it, all packaged with a big pink polka dot bow. 
You are going to be the best, biggest and brightest  
New Year around, so please shine!  
Now, I'm not setting myself up for disappointment with you because I know I wont let myself down with 2012. I'm determined to make it amazing. So, thank you for being here for the next 365 days. I'm going to use ALL of you to make it memorable. 

And to everyone, 
To all the great adventures life has in store for us... The best is yet to come.

Not sure of our plan just yet, but, even if its snuggling on the couch watching the ball drop, I will be happy. If I'm hammered dancing in a sweaty mess, I too, will be happy... until the next morning.   

Some of my favorite days of 2011: 


summers at the lake

exploring Phily with friends

friends in Arizona

Scottie playing Ball

crazy weddings in Austin

 DOM at TLA -- and telling them they sucked.
Exploring Chicago
Girl Time in NYC :)
concerts with friends (VirginFest)

acting like an ass on the field of the Deadskins

There are SO many more, but, searching through all these pics is taking a long time. ;) 
HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, FOLKS! Hi, 2012.... so nice to meet you!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Giving

They say that "giving" is the best part of the Holiday season right? Well, I say that's only true if you give the biggest most awesome present to the youngest in your family. That's right, I went for the bigger is better scenario and totally scored. I got my 7 year nephew a MASSIVE nerf gun to blast his older brother. To be fair, I also go everyone else (5 others) small nerf guns to blast back. But his had something like 120 rounds and was automatic.

Yes, I realize that I sound like a total redneck, but, its nerf. I also realize that its probably not a good idea to promote gun use, but, I don't care. I'm from NRA land Virginia and that's just the way it is. I won't lie, it was soooooooooooooo much fun battling.

Check out that reaction!
Also check out my sister eating probably her 0923703864093874th cookie.


I just saw this bracelet on Made By Girl and am currently obsessed.

I LOVE anything big and gold. I should be a rapper.

This is not a paid endorsement. I'm just that big of a nerd to post it on my blog in hopes that I get it one day. Or that I'll see it every day and end up buying it myself. It will probably be the latter.

Letter Box

You see this blue dinosaur here?

Its my favorite thing in the world right now. Yes, I realize the stupidist things make me happy but having a letter box outside my door is so much fun for me. Maybe it takes me back to my childhood where my mom would lift me up and I would pull down the door and drop her letters in or I'm just a weirdo and really love letter boxes. However, I really like this guy.

I have written more hand written letters this year. I know the amount went up from writing "thank you's" for my wedding, but, there is something about sitting down and hand writing to someone. It takes time and so fun! I've been searching the internet for some new stationary and there really is a lot of cute stuff out there. Here are my favorites:


Love the Pink


Have any places to share that you like for stationary? 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Resolutions - Part One

What are my resolutions for 2012? I think about it now and write them down as they come to me.

1. Get knocked up. (seems like everyone is and I have 12 months to achieve it. Good thing i have a husband and we'd make cute babies.)
2. Learn how to bake. (I suck at it. I just can't seem to understand baking recipes.)
3. Take a wine class.
4. Run a half marathon. (I really hate being told how far to run, but, i got this sweet milage watch for Christmas so it would be good for training).
5. ADOPT a dog
6. Go to few music venues I've never been to.
7. Plant a tree.
8. Continue taking Banjo lessons
9. Not go to the ER.
10. Write down all my favorite recipes in ONE journal
11. Go to the Empire State Building
12. SAVE MONEY (so not fun, but necessary)
13. watch my wedding video
14. Go fishing
15. Hold a dinner party and have wine pairings
16. Dominate the world (seems doable)
17. Get my teeth whitened. (I saw a STORE at the mall yesterday for this and am obsessed with trying it.)
18. Take more pictures
19. Get a license and get license plates with the current state I live in.
20. Not move from a place for more than one year. Two would be amazing!
21. wear pajamas
22. Visit Australia. Preferably before getting knocked up. (holy hell, that is funny to me).
23. Give more compliments
24. Wear Make up more often.
25. Write more hand written letters. 
26. Love my husband even more... if that's possible.
27. Birth a cow (just kidding, that is disgusting).

ok, that's all i can think of at the moment. I will continue to write more as they come to me.

Monday, December 19, 2011


I can't believe it's Christmas already. This year has been INSANE! In 2011 we moved from VA to Northern Liberties in Philadelphia and now to Fitlers Square in Philadelphia. That is a lot of motion if you ask me! You would also think that we'd have less "things" from moving so much. I have about three boxes still that I just don't know what to do with. I'm thinking about just taping them back up and putting it on the curb. If I don't miss it right now, I doubt I will in the future. I'll let you know if I end up doing that.

I think everyone is getting pregnant around me. I swear, I hear from someone at least once a week announcing their pregnancies. I am VERY excited and happy for all of them and love hearing all the stories and hearing their excitment. One day I'll join ya, for now though... I'm gonna enjoy my freedom and waistline.

Speaking of which, I LOOOOOVE the running path I have at my new spot. I run down along the Schuylkill River. (pronounced, skoo gill) Here are some pics from my run the other day:
Schuylkill River and to the left is the 30th St. Train Station
then after a 2 mile run I do the 'Rocky' stairs a few times and of course bounce at the top each time. It really is impossible not to.
Enjoy your Monday, friends. Hope you enjoy this last week before Christmas and if you want to send me a present I will not be upset at all.


8, 7, 6 Doors of Christmas

Friday, December 16, 2011

9 Doors Of Christmas

this wreath is huge but doesn't show up on camera so well. I love the detail of this home.

i love the ivy

Scott doing one amazing pose in front of the Fitler Tree

i love holidays with too much wine

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Basement and Back Yard

We have a LOT to do with our outdoors. I need to invest in a rake.
I love this table we lucked out on. We bought it from the couple who were here before us. They in turn bought it from an Amish Farm in Lancaster, PA. Its so beautiful.
the back of our little home.

lots and lots of leaves out there for you to rake, Scottie

the spring should be fun to pot different color flowers and different sized pots. :)

Holiday's In Philly

I decided to do the last 10 days til Christmas and add some holiday cheer from around the neighborhood. Philadelphia does such a great job of decorating their row homes and there are sooooo many that are decorated so cute! Here are a few and check back daily for more. :)

i love the bow above the door

Rittenhouse Square Park

i love that santa!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011



these HUGE double doors behind our couch are amazing. They are heavy thick wood and in the early 1900's they must have kept them open to their parlor room. Since that is now the main house communal hallway we keep them closed and they make a beautiful backdrop on our wall.

i love the molding on the ceiling in our bedroom

creepy eh? I found this in one of the doors with a peg in it. Its an old peep hole! Those are the glass double doors to our row home. There are about 4 units on the entire house. We have the first two levels. I can spy on the others. I love that!
We'll keep truckin' on empty'ing boxes and you can keep up with my pics. Hope you like! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Little By Little

Our place is coming together.

Here are some pics of the far side of our family room.

this is our music poster wall. (radiohead, arcade fire and ghostland observatory)

we LOVE these old shutters and love looking out our window onto such a pretty street in Fitlers.

over sized print we found in our old hood for $20. Amazing how your stuff looks so different in a new place.
I think we're progressing pretty great on the decorating. More boxes tonight. :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fire Places and New Digs

What to do with un-working fire places? I guess decorate them!

make shift book case. I'm not burning them, promise.

those are light bulbs.

We just moved into a GREAT new place in Philadelphia. Its a bi-level row home that was built in 1891! Pretty awesome! Its old, its full of unique architecture and its ours (to rent). This is our third move in less than three years. We still can't believe it, but, if you don't like something, change it... right? We lived in a sketchy part of the city and I wanted out... so we got out. I'm now in yupville and couldn't be happier. :)

There's also an awesome pizza place right up the street. You could say that Im in heaven. Pizza, great place... now all I need is a pup and Kirbs and I will be SET!

Special thanks to Tom who came up and provided some moving muscle. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I'm sorry we didn't get to go to Doobey's. We did make up a sweet pubbie song as well as get a personal call at the Dollar General. hehe!

I'll post more pics as we set up. There's so much to do!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tis The Season

... Of Holiday Parties!

Like most everyone, I love the holidays. But, I love the holidays mostly because of the parties and there is ALWAYS that someone from work that gets entirely too tipsy and makes a massive fool of themselves. Gosh, I love watching that train wreck happen. I'll be fair, I was that someone a few times in my life. Will I go into detail further about it? Not entirely, but, it did involve a hotel bar in Los Angeles ending in a shady bar in Brentwood playing cards in a kitchen with a bunch of Mexicans. Was awesome! Morning after was not.

Because I work at home I do not have a work holiday party to feast my eyes on embarrassing debauchery. I won't get to watch Carly dance drunkenly while her jeans are half way down to her knees or Jonathan barf in the bathroom. So, be kind to me and please let me know of any awesome co-worker horror stories that happen at your holiday parties this year. I will be very appreciative! Perhaps I'll have my own party one afternoon here at my house with some bottles of wine and my ipod. (That just depressed me).


Call Me Cheesy,

But I really really like this song...

Sonic Live | fun. | "We Are Young"

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Jumbs

hahaha, i love these Gosslyn posters. So funny

Thailand Hyatt

i need these

whoo whoo

i gotta do this!

i love my some apple butter and gluten free is even better. Recipe: