Thursday, December 29, 2011

Letter Box

You see this blue dinosaur here?

Its my favorite thing in the world right now. Yes, I realize the stupidist things make me happy but having a letter box outside my door is so much fun for me. Maybe it takes me back to my childhood where my mom would lift me up and I would pull down the door and drop her letters in or I'm just a weirdo and really love letter boxes. However, I really like this guy.

I have written more hand written letters this year. I know the amount went up from writing "thank you's" for my wedding, but, there is something about sitting down and hand writing to someone. It takes time and so fun! I've been searching the internet for some new stationary and there really is a lot of cute stuff out there. Here are my favorites:


Love the Pink


Have any places to share that you like for stationary? 


Anonymous said...

The Paper Source is my absolute favorite! There's one in Reston if you're in town in the near future, but they also have stuff online. They also have awesome and unique/fun/quirky greeting cards. So happy someone else out there still loves and appreciates hand written letters! :)

Care said...

NICE! I will check them out, Nat!

Wanna be pen pals? :)