Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend WrapUp

What's the best thing about Monday? Nothing.

This weekend we hung out a lot with our little family, explored a little more of North Carolina and enjoyed the snippits of fall we are seeing. Still no leaves changing... yet. But, the chill (even though its still slight) feels great!

Found some street art!

Mack met a new friend at the dog park. This is Bella.

This is the first time we've had Bo J's since moving down. My God... so good. Working out all week now because of it.

Back to my fave place for my weekly veggies. The fall produce is unbelievable right now.

Some of our produce we bought from our farmers market. Its so fun to pick your fruits and veggies from venders in a barn. And, that kettle corn up there, it never lasts the day with Scott.

Ever since I put these pants on the Skins started winning! My new Sunday outfit -- sorry, Scott

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Tunes

I love this band. 
Ive seen them twice. 
This video was shot in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn. 
Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Phone Stack

I loved this article. I loved this article so much that I wish I had thought of it and wrote it.

Read here.

How many times do you go out with friends and someone is on their phone the entire time? Or, you're out with a group and you glace up and notice that everyone at the damn table is staring at a screen instead of hanging out with who is currently at the table?! So RUDE, right? I'm guilty of it as much as the next person, but, we really should stop this practice. Enjoy the now, who cares what others are doing and even if its work related... it can wait until after dinner. Believe it or not, it can.

Hey Huzbo, I don't even know if you read my blog... do you!? Anyways, even if you don't, I'll tell you later tonight, but, we are playing "stack game" when we go out. We're in a new town and don't know a soul, so, most likely it will only be us playing so the rules will have to change because well, we share a bank account, it won't matter who picks up the tab. Because of this, let's make the rules so that the person who checks first has to...

(pick one)

1. Do all the laundry for a week.
2. Clean the bathroom floors with a sponge - no mop.
3. Give up the remote for two days... no matter what.
4. Scream, "I LOVE MY HUSBAND/WIFE" at the top of your lungs upon leaving the bar.
5.  Crab walk all the way home from dinner or drinks.
6. Carry our dog, Mack (French Bulldog) in a baby bjorn to the farmers market on Saturday.
7. DARE - winner chooses on the spot.
8. -- thinking --
9. -- thinking --
10.-- thinking --

(readers (do I have those?): feel free to comment with consequences below).


Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend WrapUp

Happy Monday!

This weekend was pretty wet down here, but, that didn't stop us from checking out some really entertaining acts outside our apartment. This little town does have a lot of music going on. Whether its Gospel, Oldies, Country or Bluegrass, you can definitely find it here. Now, big name acts? Hmmmm... we have Passion Pit and Joy Formidable next week! I am VERY excited about that. Let's see how these NC'ers watch music. Do they turn their backs to the bands and have full on conversations like they do in LA? Do they bounce around and not care if they elbow you in the head like in DC (I like that), do they not move at all and just watch like in NYC (not all shows were like this, but, a lot are) or will it be a mix of all the above like Philly? I'll let you know.

We finished up Saturday going to Bibs Downtown. Did you know they won PitMasters 2013? Yeah, neither did I. Well, they did and holy hell... its good. When all my friends come down to visit me (hahaha! I know, that was funny huh? Like anyone will actually visit - even family) we will totally come here and pig out. Pun intended.

Pulled pork, brisket with Texas toast and mac n cheese! Started out strong then got reallll full... but ended with a smile.

Friday, September 20, 2013

"Dearest Human"

This is really, really, good.
I'm so curious to know what Mack would write. 
"My dearest human asks me everyday who the cutest dog in the world is... I simply do not know because I have not met them all". 

Friday Tunes

Lord Huron. 

Wish I got to see them in Central Park with my sissy last weekend! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend WrapUp

This weekend I had one of the greatest people in my life visit me! I haven't seen my amazing friend Katie in about 1.5 years and that is entirely way too long. She flew down to good ole North Carolina on a Friday afternoon and I don't think I stopped talking or smiling the entire time. We have known each other for 30 years now... 30 YEARS! That is unheard of and I'm so happy that we have been so close through out them all. She's been with me through amazing times and also very dark times and I cherish them all. I love you, Katie! Thank you for visiting me and sorry I don't live in a more exciting spot. Made me miss NYC THAT much more.

Remember when I used to post pictures of amazing skylines and buildings? Yes, me too. Now its just random barns on walks.

So, now that I've been here two weeks already, I'm adjusting and I think facing reality that this IS my reality. I miss the city. I miss my friends... I miss having a friend. Dare I say I miss the chaos? OK, well, I do. I miss it a lot! I miss having things to TALK about and the "omg, did you see/hear/taste that?!" I miss the taxi's flying past me. I miss the hustle of the subway and I even miss "hello my name is Marty -- I'm homeless and I"m hungry" homeless dude on the L Train. I miss inappropriate street art. I miss choices.  I miss walking into my giant building on 6th Ave with my name on my cube at an amazing Tech Company. I miss getting a shitty $15.00 salad for lunch and my bagel guy who used to call me Boss. I miss delivery, boy... do I miss delivery.

The greatest part about living in NYC was that when I first moved there and didn't know anyone, the city itself, became my best friend. She was always there and she was always ON! I had endless things to do, see and explore and I'm so thankful that I did. Here... well, here, is different. There really isn't much to do, see or explore, at. all. I think I've done it all. I walk around my tiny town all day long and people must wonder what the heck I do. The answer, nothing. I'm basically retired (not many opportunities) and this is coming from a girl who never wanted to retire... I enjoy working. I enjoy having a schedule and I enjoy having things to do -- I thrive on being busy. It makes me who I am. Here, I have nothing but time. With moving comes adjusting and getting on with life a little differently. Slowing down to a near stop is hard, but, I'm doing my best.

Enjoy your amazing week, friends!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Walkabouts

Hi! A friend of mine asked me to write down the encounters I have with people on my walks -- you see, people talk to you all the time. It doesn't matter if you're sitting on a bench or eating lunch. Someone will no doubt, walk up to you and have a conversation about weather, your shoes, your dog or a cloud in the sky. Its pretty unbelievable, but as a girl who loves people and loves a strange conversation, its awesome for me.

I was walking down by the tracks with my dog and came upon two older men who were in their late 40's. One was sitting on a bench next to the tattoo shop and the other was painting an old ironing board.

They stopped me to ask about my weird looking dog. I told them his name was Mack and they asked him how his morning was. I smiled and introduced myself as well. They asked where I was from as they dont recognize me and I answered with Brooklyn. George then said the most amazing greeting that I was not expecting, but I now love,  (written in his accent - if only I could express his draw a little more) "We won't hold it against youuu that it took ya so long to get heeeerrre, as long as yer heeerrre."  I melted.

George then told me that "if ya need some ink, come to this place, lemme show you what they gave me". He then showed me about four tattoos that were actually quite stunning. I complimented him on his artwork and then moved on to the man, Mike, who was painting ironing boards. I asked him if he sold them... (he looked at me very confused) "now, why would I sell ironing boards... that just seems weird, I paint em cause I like em -- dats all". If he only knew that people would pay good money for an ironing board painting in Brooklyn. For now, I'll just continue telling him that his work is terrific while he paints on the corner.

Until next time, Mike and George!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Old Salem (Part One)

This is Old Salem and I have the pleasure of being walking distance (10 minute walk) from this adorable little town. It really is one of the cutest places I have ever visited and now, I get to call it home. I can walk here from a little path called "The Strollaway" - really - into this old 1700's town that was founded by Moravians. Little known fact, I grew up Moravian -- so this is just real weird! My grandmother however, extremely happy that I can visit this settlement. Getting back to Old Salem, its adorable and we walked down the main street to quickly breathe it in, as it seemed we went back in time. I wrote "Part One" above because I'm sure I'll be visiting through here many more times.

Scottie and Mack in a barn

little houses - this town is almost like a Hollywood movie set, but, its real.

This is one of my favorites - its an old gun shop from the early 1800's. The gun maker was inside working, I'm going to go back and talk to that guy -- for like an hour.

and here we are... sticking out like sore thumbs in this old town. No chance I'm changing though!

Back to where I started

This article really resonated with me. Like this girl, I did an internship in LA from college in South Carolina (born in VA) and was treated like I had five heads and it was crazy I was able to speak in full sentences. At my internship (which was a movie set) the actors assumed I lived on a farm and that Ive never seen anything fun or exciting my whole life. (I had actually traveled most of Europe by the time I was 10). So, I let them assume and went for a fantastic ride. Now that I'm back in The South (Capital "T" and "S" - just like she says),  it really is like coming home to a sweet familiar, even though its still, weird as hell.

Excerpt from the article:
The South is thunderstorms and slow talkers, sweetened drinks and neighbors who bring over cookies, mayonnaise on every sandwich and murky lazy rivers in dry counties that you sneak beer into and lose your key while floating down and still get a ride home cause we’re all good ole boys and girls. Now that I’m back as an “experienced adult”, and little more as an outsider, I want everyone to see it nonpolitically and get barefootedly drunk.

You can read this rest here. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend WrapUp

This weekend we ended up finishing up our apartment full of boxes, buying necessary items and watching A LOT of football. I kind of like moving during football season, it leads to automatic Saturdays of watching it. Usually we move in February where there is NOTHING going on and its horrifically cold, so we end up staring at each other and being bored. Moving after Labor Day -- for once, a good idea.

I can't express the craziness it is to move (most recently) from Brooklyn/NYC to Winston-Salem. This is the SMALLEST town I have ever lived in. To put it in perspective, Manhattan is 33.7sq miles and has 1.6 million people living in it. Winston-Salem is 134sq miles and has 232,000 people living in it. There are 100 more miles of space here and not even a quarter of a million people... SMALL. TOWN. It really is charming though. I have a bakery with coffee downstairs, about 5 bars, a furniture store, some cute art galleries, a tiny music venue and a little market -- and that is town, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my new life.

I found a bit of street art. Made me nostalgic for dear ole Brooklyn.

A post I will touch on this week. The question, "Where do you worship" is asked... A LOT.

Winston-Salem may have the greatest farmers market I have EVER seen. Its unreal and when I go next, I will take many more pictures.
One of my fave things I saw at the Farmers Market. I mean, deep fried candy bars and Pork Skins and Cracklin?

Another post I'll touch this week. We walked 10 minutes north and ran into Old Salem. Its adorably adorable. Seriously, that adorable. :)

So, theyre not hipsters on Bedford, but, this little country band set up on my street and covered Wilco most of the afternoon. I, along with the rest of the town lined the streets to watch.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Town/New Life

So we made it! We're officially moved in and the apartment is halfway set up. We live in a great apartment for less than half we paid in Brooklyn and about three times the space. Pretty unreal. We are very happy with our living accommodations. I was just speaking to my friend about my first three days here and she asked if I was having some culture shock. I took a minute to answer and realized that no, I'm not having culture shock. I grew up below the Mason Dixon and went to college in South Carolina for 5 years (yep, 5) so I'm used to the culture. I think its the "lack of people" shock and "lack of things to do and see" shock. I walked the circumference of the "city" twice yesterday with Mack.

I do like it. Its charming and my goodness... the people. The people are insanely nice! That has been very comforting moving to a new place. I'm not sure of what my day to day will be here -- god knows what I'll get into. (there are not many opportunities for employment here. Thankfully its uber cheap.)

Life will be different but it was different in all my moves. Virginia to South Carolina to LA to Philly to New York City and now to North Carolina. I learn from all of my life's journey -- this one will be no exception. I'll share my new town with y'all as I gadabout around.


Map of Downtown Winston Salem

Me and Mack

its not quite the Freedom Tower and Williamsburg Bridge. But, here is my new sunset.