Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend WrapUp

Happy Monday!

This weekend was pretty wet down here, but, that didn't stop us from checking out some really entertaining acts outside our apartment. This little town does have a lot of music going on. Whether its Gospel, Oldies, Country or Bluegrass, you can definitely find it here. Now, big name acts? Hmmmm... we have Passion Pit and Joy Formidable next week! I am VERY excited about that. Let's see how these NC'ers watch music. Do they turn their backs to the bands and have full on conversations like they do in LA? Do they bounce around and not care if they elbow you in the head like in DC (I like that), do they not move at all and just watch like in NYC (not all shows were like this, but, a lot are) or will it be a mix of all the above like Philly? I'll let you know.

We finished up Saturday going to Bibs Downtown. Did you know they won PitMasters 2013? Yeah, neither did I. Well, they did and holy hell... its good. When all my friends come down to visit me (hahaha! I know, that was funny huh? Like anyone will actually visit - even family) we will totally come here and pig out. Pun intended.

Pulled pork, brisket with Texas toast and mac n cheese! Started out strong then got reallll full... but ended with a smile.

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