Friday, May 28, 2010

I hung out with these two last night...
and saw this guy...

and then wondered why there are a million groups of girls in this restaurant dressed to the 9's. I then figured it out ... Sex In The City movie. they were so dressed up and ordering a million cosmo's. I love SITC, don't get me wrong AND my name is "Carrie" but, im not sure I understand the need to dress up to sit in a dark theater. Anyways, happy Memorial Day Weekend! I'm going to be busy doing nothing and can't wait!

We Rock The Party That Rock The Party

I love throwing a party.

like, LOVE!

This one in June will be no different and will be awesome!
I stress over the little things of a party and the littlest details. THAT in my opinion is what makes a party. I will have little crabby details all over. I should start planning my wedding huh?

Dear Kirby's, we are excited that you're going to be here for the crab crush!  

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brace yourself people......

I'm coming out of retirement tonight and playing in my 1st Adult Baseball League in 3 years.

Things I think:
  1. I have not swung a baseball bat in 3 years
  2. I have not thrown a baseball in 3 years
  3. I don't own baseball cleats, cup, or socks
  4. My glove is 8 years old
  5. I have not seen live pitching in 3 years (I'm not counting slow pitch softball)
  6. I'm going to need a lot of Advil
  7. I'm surprisingly nervous
  8. I will go 3-5 with a double and 3 RBI's
  9. I will make at least one circus catch in centerfield
  10. I will be in pain for 2 straight weeks following this game


I'm going up top!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A 4 Year Old Kinda Day

Last weekend was my little nephew, Nico's birthday party. As soon as we walked in he came straight up to us and said, "Welcome to my birfday pahty, do you have any pwesents?" Awesome. We handed him our gifts and went straight to the big people drink buckets of beers. We bought him a t-ball set, a glove and soft baseballs, a Nats hat and a cup... yep, a cup boys wear to protect themselves. Hey, I was going for the whole baseball theme here. He LOVED it even though he didn't understand the cup at all. He will one day I'm sure. :)

Here's the birthday boy with his "paw"...
Jill and Danny were monkey'ing around. (my god, my captions today are gag worthy, my apologies)
Nico showing Scottie his new lacrosse sticks!
Aftermath of a sugar induced coma and the boys taking the kids to the park to run all that sugar off!

all in all a great day for the little guy and even the "big people" had a good time too. I actually think I fell asleep at 9:00p that night. I am a LOSER!
(keep your comments to yourself about the "loser" term, pev).

Monday, May 24, 2010


Are you making watch the bachelorette...........nice little monday we got going here Carrie Awesome.
I would rather:
  1. drink barium
  2. get an colonscopy
  3. watch the view
  4. run 25 miles
  5. eat some old salmon
  6. listen to paul oakenfold
  7. watch Fools Gold again
  8. drink some drainO
  9. clean your room
  10. hang out with Pev for ten straight days

Open Letter

Dear Cab Drivers,

Im writing to every single one of you because I have a question that deserves an answer. You get paid to take me places right? I tell you my destination and you drive me correct? You only work in one city per-say and by being a cab driver designated to that city you should know the city correct?

The last few times I have gotten into a cab I have 1. had to give the cab precise directions to my destination or 2. had to get the address from my phone (thank god I have a browser) so you can plug it into your GPS. Yes, you are providing me a service to my place of wanting to be, however, I think you should know where major landmarks are in a city. That would be like me starting a job as a receptionist and asking how to use the damn phone. I just don't get it. What happened to the days where cabbies knew their city and could go a back way because traffic was bad? NOT IN DC THAT'S FOR SURE! 

On Friday I asked you to take me to the baseball stadium. You asked me where it was, I said, "south capital street, SE" you asked me for a precise address. I almost ripped your head off. It's a MASSIVE BASEBALL STADIUM, YOU SHOULD BE KNOW HOW TO GET THERE! So, that's my Monday maniac rant for today. I think taxi's should know their way around the city, is that too much to ask? I'm not google maps and I'm not rand mcnally. I'm just a girl, trying to get to a baseball game but instead am paying for you to drive in circles because you can't find the place.

not so happy with cabbies, carrie

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have set up a poll on the right hand side. I want to know what is prefered when attending a wedding for a good time. I have attended weddings with a DJ and weddings with bands. They both have the potential to be AWESOME and they both have the potential to crash and burn. Sooo, with that said, which do you prefer? BAND or DJ?

Pops, give me a band budget already... otherwise I'm totally booking Sting and Ghostland Observatory. Don't try me. :)

i think i have an addiction


I have more sunnies than the usual girl and I love each and every one. This is my necklace holder that I have changed into a sunnie display, do you like it? Yes, I know this is rediculous, but you can ask anyone, i wear them all!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Rainy Gloomy Monday, Everyone!

I had a great weekend, how 'bout you? Scott and I are professional wedding guests by now and wedding season is far from over. We have a few more to go... good thing they have all been a great time! :)

We went to Haymarket, VA (in the sticks, hahaaha sorry, Tracy!) for Tracy's wedding on Friday. The bride was gorgeous and the groom was beaming! I've known Tracy since we were kids and she and I have gotten into a LOT of trouble through out the years. She's always been a great friend and someone I could always count on for a shoulder or a laugh. WAY more laughs, however. I've never seen her more happy in my life... love you Trace!
professional wedding guests, scottie and i
I like to wear the brides garter as a headband and steal her flowers... why do people invite me!? :)

I still have a year or so until my wedding but I am taking many things with me from all the weddings i have attended!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good morning LA! er, should I say, good morning LA SMOG!

my last day in Los Angeles today. Since I worked my booty off this week I am allowed to just relax and enjoy the hotel instead of running around like my head is cut off. (My blackberry however, will be in my hands the entire time). I ordered some french toast, a big glass of apple juice and laid diagnol on my bed watching the Today Show (btw, that show is getting worse and worse).

Looking forward to boarding my flight this evening and seeing SCOTTIE who SAYS he's gonna pick me up at the airport at 1am! I'm a lucky girl. :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Gold Cup Happened...

Gold Cup was a complete success and I have to say, We had an AWESOME time. I loved our group and i loved the music and oh yeah, there were some horses running around too. Besides horse races these outfit are completely unacceptable anywhere else... Scottie wore seer suckers, a pink shirt and a pink bowtie with little sailboats on them. I basically went with the big floppy hat and large sunglasses. Good times had by all!!

i love it!