Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Tunes

I'm not even a Kanye fan, but, this song...

Is this the beginning to Industrial Rap!?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Williamsburg - Brooklyn

If you come to NYC this summer -- make sure you come to the neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn for an afternoon. :)

Maybe you can see me and Mack too!

Our Personal Gallery

A few of our favorite pieces of art hanging in our tiny NYC apartment.
(we have a few more, but, these are our favorites)

From top left to right: 
Most were gifts! I just realized this and how awesome and lucky we are! 
1. Print from Sayulita, Mexico from our amazing friends John and Sandra. Its one of my favorites because of the design and message. It will be with me forever. :) 
2.  We all know the Obey poster that we've seen on most street corners in major cities across the world, but, the one I have, is one of Shepard Fairey's first drafts if you will. Long story short, I got it from a friend of his down in South Carolina in 1997 and it's signed by the man himself! I had it framed and the giant will look over us always. 
3. Bill Murray. One of Scott's family friends painted this and I think its such a perfect conversation piece as it prompts many of Murray's classic movie quotes.
4. These are hand painted scrap pieces of discarded wood from an artist in Columbia, South Carolina named Ernest Lee. I always saw him selling his work on the side of the road and stopped one day to ask him about his craft and learn about his art. He called himself The Chicken Man. His classic piece is the "funky chicken" which I bought 4 of and also the palm tree for $100.00 total in '00. After doing a quick google search, you can now buy his art at this gallery store! And, you can read an article about him here, in Southern Living Magazine. FASCINATING! GO CHICKEN MAN!!
5. Our picture corner. Love You, Mean It is a letter press piece I had custom made. The Brooklyn Bridge couple is a gift. The Warhol of our Dog, Mack, was an X-Mas gift from my brother that he made and the smaller pictures are random photographs we love. 
6. The Turquoise Cow Head is near and dear to my heart as it too was a gift from Scott's parents and I'm in LOOOOOVE with it. Its beyond unique and gorgeously made. 

I love our art and hope our collection or odd and interesting pieces continues to grow and grow.
"Be what you are, don't be what you ain't. Because if you be what you ain't, then you ain't what you are." - Ernest Lee. - See more at:
"Be what you are, don't be what you ain't. Because if you be what you ain't, then you ain't what you are." - Ernest Lee. - See more at:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

HodgePodge Of A Weekend

Bands play in the middle of the road on Saturday's in the 'burg.

Kirby's in the sun

Seriously, Mac - you're getting to be a little diva'ish.

Yarn Bomb went off on 6th street for the Absolut Open Canvas Art Show. Follow me on Instagram to see the video I made of the entire show.  (CKirbs) Click here to read more about the show.

Renegade Art Fair purchase. Williamsburg coasters. Can you tell I love my hood?

Just some good ole Brooklyn hipster fashion. (that's a dude, btw)

They finished the movie theater wall of super hero's. Its AMAZING!

i try.

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Zen Garden Amongst City Noise

Living in NYC means that you will have tight spaces without much room to do much. But, one afternoon I decided to redo our balcony area. Mind you, our balcony is big enough to fit maybe three people, but, it can fit LOTS of plants! I need to go get some of that "free sod" from Bedford Ave on Saturday and lay it down so I can have a lovely front yard. :) Oh shoot... Mack might pee on it though. Maybe that's a bad idea. I planted ivy in the hanging pots, brussel sprouts in the purple pot, succulents in on the table and some pepper and tomato plants on the bottom wide pot. I'll let you know if I actually will be able to grow anything.

And, yes, we face another apartment building and honestly, I love it. I can't tell you how many times we see our "neighbors" in weird situations. Often times we feel like the show FRIENDS with the naked fat man. The people who live directly across from us really do throw the greatest dance parties though. Sometimes I'm jealous I don't know them.

Anyways, enjoy my city-garden and come over anytime to test it out. You can enjoy the zen while dodging sounds of city buses, ambulances and everyday NYC noises. I just love it.

Yes, we do face directly towards another apartment building, but, if you venture out to my balcony you get a spectacular view of the Freedom Tower and Williamsburg Bridge. I absolutely LOVE it.

My Mama a few weeks ago -- she is a master planter always planting her pots and designing her deck or porch. It must run in the blood.

Totally unrelated, however, Scottie and I were walking to the elevators this morning and someone must have moved in and realized they didn't have room for this chair so they put it up for grabs. To me, that means FREE CHAIR! We ran back to our apartment so fast because Scottie was so embarrassed. It was awesome!

Friday Tunes

"I can make you feel better - if you let me" is the addictive hook from Producer Sophie's new single BIPP. I've listened to it a few times this morning and she did. It's a light dance song not complexed with the heavy bass and constant drop that is everywhere today. It's a fun DANCE song that's going a different direction then all the other push button artists out there. I like.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sit Down and Stay Awhile

On Saturday's in Williamsburg they are shutting down the main street, Bedford Ave from 1 - 8pm and laying down grass in certain area's. Its like a make-shift park! There are bands playing, kiosks set up to buy used books or records, ice cream trucks and people just laying down enjoying the afternoon in the middle of the road on a removable patch of grass. Best part is when the day is over, they roll up the sod and put a sign that says, "Free Grass!" Oh Brooklyn, there are many reasons why I love you -- you just gave me one more.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Hair - He Cared

I was bored one afternoon and that is always a recipe for disaster when is open on my browser. In one of my many webs of searching for random things to entertain me, I came across Jessica Simpson's clip on bangs.  INSTANT "ADD TO CART" for my little shopping self.

When I got them in the mail I was so excited to show my husband. He always changes up his look with either shaving weird facial hair or shaving his entire head, but, me... nothing crazier than chopping a few inches off here and there. In high school though -- sheesh, I did everything under the sun I could get my hands on. I was a big fan of manic panic and stupid hair cuts. Back to present life, so, I put them on and came out of the bathroom with a grand yell of  "TA DAHHHHHHH!!!!" He just looked at me and said nothing. I quickly said, "they're fake!" because I thought he was going to get upset. He sighed a very audible sigh of relief and then said, "don't EVER cut bangs". So, my surprise failed miserably but, they are still fun for me and I like putting them on and pretending I'm Brigitte Bardo or a 10 year old being stupid.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Tunes

I have been a fan of Grouplove since their last album out a year or two ago. I had the pleasure of seeing them in Philadelphia and then a festival -- I think. I mean, really... who can really see at festivals anyways? I'm usually dancing or in a beer line. I think I've grown out of Fezzies, as I heard them recently called. I'm totally OK with that. I digress, here is a single from Grouplove's new album, Spreading Rumours.

May I also say... I LOVE her unitard and wish I had one. I bet I can find it on Amazon -- and lookie here.  Her's is better though.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wait... What Festival?

This weekend we were lucky enough to have one of my faves in town, Andrew! Andrew is always one of my favorite family members who actually visits us. Thanks for visit, Drew. You're the BEST!

We bought tickets to the Governors Ball on Randall's island for the weekend. We went for Friday and were poured on. We were soaked to the bone and covered in mud. After that, we made a conscience decision to not go again... perhaps it was the wrong decision, but, after how cold, wet and muddy we were... I'm totally OK with it.

But, the weekend did go on!

Us soaked. The grass was actually still in tact at this time... give it another hour and it would consist of 6 inches of muddddddddddd.

yup. I'm wearing a winter hat in June.

Next morning's brunch (slightly hungover) at Bedford Inn.

A little stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge

little photo op in front of this newly painted mural in the hood.

Subway performers on the M back to Brooklyn.

Last night on the roof watching the sunset. Perfection.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Tunes

Currently having a love affair with this band, Capital Cities. It reminds me a bit of Bran Van 3000, which I used to LOVE in high school. The link below is their track that also has Andre 3000 on it... I have seen Outkast twice in my lifetime and can remember every second of it because they were awesome and Andre's threads, unreal.

Also, who doesn't love NPR's Frank Tavares? Reminds me of my childhood.

Sigh... this track may be perfect - to me. Eclectic, trumpets, Andre 3000, catchy melody, NPR dude, poppy, obsessed! I mean, was it written specifically for me?  I like it when you play with my hair.

Enjoy! (click picture to be sent to the track)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I went out this AMAZINGLY cool June morning for my usual run on the McCarren track and saw a softball game going on. Now, this is very normal all weekend with games going all day starting at 9am and ending around 8pm in my Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg... but, this Tuesday at 8am -- very odd. As I went on walking, I kept hearing the chants, "go Hannah, GO!" I immediately knew it was the Brooklyn loving show, GIRLS. I then had to investigate.

It looks like Hannah joins a softball team. Her team is in red and white and she scores a run (and runs extremely odd -- I think that's part of the show). Anyways, I stood like a creep next to a PA who told me to stop taking pictures at least twice. I just told him that I was doing a service to the show for my 4 reader blog. He thought that was funny.

Anyways, I hate how I really do love this show.

That's Hannah running towards home base. She is number 12.

I like how they have to tell you what show they are taping here in NYC.

Totally over exposed shot, but, here are the actors chairs. Three chairs, I wonder who else is on the team with her? Shoshanna? Ray? WHO!? I do think I saw Ray's awful posture from afar.

I'll leave you with a very Hannah quote: " I've just been having a little trouble with my mental state these days." 

Have a lovely day, friends!