Monday, June 10, 2013

Wait... What Festival?

This weekend we were lucky enough to have one of my faves in town, Andrew! Andrew is always one of my favorite family members who actually visits us. Thanks for visit, Drew. You're the BEST!

We bought tickets to the Governors Ball on Randall's island for the weekend. We went for Friday and were poured on. We were soaked to the bone and covered in mud. After that, we made a conscience decision to not go again... perhaps it was the wrong decision, but, after how cold, wet and muddy we were... I'm totally OK with it.

But, the weekend did go on!

Us soaked. The grass was actually still in tact at this time... give it another hour and it would consist of 6 inches of muddddddddddd.

yup. I'm wearing a winter hat in June.

Next morning's brunch (slightly hungover) at Bedford Inn.

A little stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge

little photo op in front of this newly painted mural in the hood.

Subway performers on the M back to Brooklyn.

Last night on the roof watching the sunset. Perfection.

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Mamma said...

How fun for you guys to have Andrew there!