Friday, June 21, 2013

My Zen Garden Amongst City Noise

Living in NYC means that you will have tight spaces without much room to do much. But, one afternoon I decided to redo our balcony area. Mind you, our balcony is big enough to fit maybe three people, but, it can fit LOTS of plants! I need to go get some of that "free sod" from Bedford Ave on Saturday and lay it down so I can have a lovely front yard. :) Oh shoot... Mack might pee on it though. Maybe that's a bad idea. I planted ivy in the hanging pots, brussel sprouts in the purple pot, succulents in on the table and some pepper and tomato plants on the bottom wide pot. I'll let you know if I actually will be able to grow anything.

And, yes, we face another apartment building and honestly, I love it. I can't tell you how many times we see our "neighbors" in weird situations. Often times we feel like the show FRIENDS with the naked fat man. The people who live directly across from us really do throw the greatest dance parties though. Sometimes I'm jealous I don't know them.

Anyways, enjoy my city-garden and come over anytime to test it out. You can enjoy the zen while dodging sounds of city buses, ambulances and everyday NYC noises. I just love it.

Yes, we do face directly towards another apartment building, but, if you venture out to my balcony you get a spectacular view of the Freedom Tower and Williamsburg Bridge. I absolutely LOVE it.

My Mama a few weeks ago -- she is a master planter always planting her pots and designing her deck or porch. It must run in the blood.

Totally unrelated, however, Scottie and I were walking to the elevators this morning and someone must have moved in and realized they didn't have room for this chair so they put it up for grabs. To me, that means FREE CHAIR! We ran back to our apartment so fast because Scottie was so embarrassed. It was awesome!

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Natalie said...

Great juxtaposition of city vs peace! I love it! Let me know if you're successful growing tomatoes - if you can do it in Brooklyn, I can do it in BFE, NC! :)