Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't You Just Love the Theater? I do!

I LOVE the theater and I think this is a FANTASTIC idea that Philly is adopting from Scottland. PLAYS! PIZZA! PINTS!? what's better?

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Just Stop Being So Ryan Gosling!"

One of the BEST Open Letters I have read in a long time:


I had a great time this weekend and this week just keeps getting better and BETTER!

Just let me start with this,
All bars should have a balloonist. Or should I say, balloon twister as he preferred.

I could have worn 5 more of these hats if he let me. I did have to share time with other patrons, but, I would like to have a balloon twister every Saturday. Thanks!

South Carolina Gamecocks are 3-0!
Oklahoma State Cowboys are 3-0!

Will my Redskins go 3-0 tonight against the awful Dallas Cowboys? I HOPE SO!!!!! Football is so fun when your teams are finally winning!

We also saw Drive this weekend. 
If you like Ryan Gossling you should probably see this movie. 
If you like psycho thrillers with lots of cars, you should probably see this movie. 
Just see the movie. 

Best news ever? I just scored RadioHead tickets for the week. 
I love RadioHead. I love Thom Yorke. How can you not? He looks like a hobbit.  

Friday, September 23, 2011

LADYTRON - White Elephants

been playing this on a loop today.

Wednesday Jumble on Friday

oh Jack White - you are awesome

mummie's in a blanket

realllllllllly like the placement of this tattoo

wow, brings back memories! pens just didn't do it as well!

leggings shouldn't be ANY other color than black

ive actually said this and it was awesome
It's Friday! 
Its pouring here. 
The Philadelphia Festival we were supposed to attend this weekend was moved to a college gymnasium and I'm mad. 
But, I just bought a ticket to Chicago with Hubz for November and now I'm EXCITED!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

the book

Dear FB,

I think im over you. I barely use you unless I'm checking something about a band or my school's football schedule and even then not on for very long. I haven't posted a batch of photos in a long time and I only do a status if I really feel the need or I think its funny as hell. Is it because I'm getting older, or is it because I really don't care what's going on in people's lives anymore or the need to prove I've done something? I will always care about my great friendships, but I don't talk to them through facebook. I will mull this over for quite a bit I fear. I also am not liking the "we met for 5 seconds but now we are friends on facebook" deal. What is the point? I guess that's the real issue... what IS the point?

I used to make photo albums for my photos. Like, real photo albums where you flip a page and you can hold it in your lap. I need to do that again. I love doing that.

I do like how its a source of contacts with getting in touch with your friends when you need to, but the whole "what are you doing now" with twitter like feeds and "I'm eating lunch" status has proven boring to me. It is a time filler, I will admit at times, but, I should read or do something else productive.

Betty's baby took its first steps! Holy SHIT! (Who the hell is Betty again?)

I find myself checking you less and less. I kinda like this trend.

Love, Care

I DO love Instagram though... I will post the hell out of some pictures with filters. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My girlfriend wrote an article on Cupid's Pulse! I am so happy and proud of her.

Taylor Armstrong’s Life Coach from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Offers Tips for Today’s Relationship and Finding Mr. Right

Check it out! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Drink Up

This is how you order a martini:

Hendricks martini up, with olives.

Feel free to substitute your preferred gin. If you drink vodka martinis you're doing it wrong.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Andrej Pejic

One amazingly beautiful human being.

This is truly a facinating article. I am now quite obsessed with Andrej Pejic. 
Exudes Confidence.


Have a great weekend everyone! 

Peace. Love. Tissues. (I have a cold)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

tanfa....mississippi MUD.

 it's friday here. i would like to call in sick to work and DO THIS!
(pretty sure we all called in sick that day and Tom flew in,
and we went to the dive bar in a bowling alley and got wasted?!)

Happy weekend, AMERICA!

Los Campesinos!

By Your Hand

By Your Hand - Los Campesinos! from Los Campesinos! on Vimeo.


Team Kirb will not be headed out to Austin for our annual ACL trip we will do the next best thing...........

Go to a Nationals Game
Watch the Game Cocks and Cowboys
Go see Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah @ the 930 Club
Cheer on the Redskins at FEDEX


Most people, in choosing a new home, look for comfort: a serene atmosphere, smooth walls and floors, a logical layout. Nonsense, says Shusaku Arakawa, a Japanese artist based in New York. He and his creative partner, poet Madeline Gins, developed a small apartment complex in the Tokyo suburb of Mitaka that is anything but comfortable and calming. "People, particularly old people, shouldn't relax and sit back to help them decline," he insists. "They should be in an environment that stimulates their senses and invigorates their lives." 

Wow! I wish I lived in a real life hamster house! The colors, the curved walls, the windows... I kinda like it. Looking at these apartments got me thinking about my first apartment as a little 19 year old living in college in South Carolina.  I lived in a small 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment with 4 girls. It was above a very loud bar and the walls were thin. I loooooooooooooooooved it. I can't imagine living there now. When I hear yelling from the neighboring school kids I bang on the windows like a crazy lady on the 5th floor. (I mainly do that for my own self amusement, but I know they think that.). Where was your first apartment?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Jumble

moon with a mustache or love birds?

whoa, I need.

i think i really like Debra Jackson. Whoever she is.

...with my husband
great question

Brady for Uggs... For the ladies

Gwen Stefani looks amazing ... for the fellas.

And Finally, 
A Pug doing the booty dance. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Say what?

I heard this theory years ago and it’s stuck with me ever since. I’ve tried to track down the source online with little luck so if anyone out there is familiar with it please do let me know in the comments section. Save that, the search will continue.

How and why did we first start communicating verbally? Many theories abound, but the one I’ve heard that pleases me most (and seems most plausible) goes something like this…

As we continued to evolve and become less like apes two very important things happened that led to the development of speech. First, we came down from the trees. Second, we started to lose hair.

How did these two seemingly disparate evolutionary developments contribute to what we now call speech? It’s important to keep a few things in mind when arriving at the answer (or theory). An ape on the ground is decidedly more vulnerable than one in a tree, even a somewhat evolved ape. And many of those apes were mothers tending to babies. Those babies would, in the past, cling to their mom’s furry coats and enjoy the ride. With the increasing loss of hair that free ride became more and more difficult. Returning to the safety of the trees wasn’t in the evolutionary playbook so those babies eventually had let go and start walking. While mom was certainly interested in exploring and foraging for food, she was first and foremost a mother and as such her mind was never far from her baby’s safety.

But how to keep tabs on junior? Well, some argue that this very problem, or rather the solution to it, is the basis for human speech. What if mom made a grunt every minute or two and junior made a grunt in reply? That first call-and-response could very well have been the first conversation. Sure, very little was communicated in that first series of grunts – are you there? yes mum- but it was only the beginning. It’s not hard to imagine that soon a high-pitched grunt meant danger or a low growl meant I found some of those delicious green leaves we all love so much so come over here and enjoy.

And here we are many, many spoken words later. And yet it sometimes feels like when you are trying to say something very important to someone who means so very much you’re right back there on the forest floor, grunting.

It’s a theory, but I thought it interesting enough to share.

Go have a conversation with someone.

Streaming Thoughts By Carrie

I feel a little sorry for the kids of today.


Because they will not be able to experience the total and complete freedom we did as children/teenagers. Perhaps I am showing my age here, but, in high school we didn't have cell phones. We waited in line for the quarter PAY PHONES! And even with pay phones you just dialed 411 and said your message to your parents in the "please say the name of the person you are trying to dial". It was awesome. Having a cell phone now means that your parents can call/text whenever they want and you HAVE to answer. They can even track you on GPS on your phone or car. Whoa... can you honestly imagine? You have a webpage now that they can check and pictures you have to worry about being posted. The worst thing we could get caught for was note passing and maybe bringing a picture (that you had to get developed) of some beers at a party to school. No one was stupid enough to do that though. For the most part, parents were oblivious to the shenanigans teenagers got into, or, they weren't that obsessed with it because well, you trusted them.

Kids and social media think they are friends, but really... they should be mortal enemies. Its nothing but extra eyes for your parents, teachers,so-called-friends keeping tabs on you.

If I were a teenager in today's world I could see myself rebelling,not carrying a phone or having a FB account and wearing a shirt saying, "damn the man". But now, I need a phone for work. I should get rid of my facebook account. It is pretty stupid. Fousquare is the ultimate stupid, however. Still unsure why anyone would want to know where you were. Or why you'd want everyone to know. I guess I'm private like that in that one regard. I'll tell who I want before and let everyone know where I was AFTER I left.
OMG! Imagine COLLEGE with foursquare!!! You'd totally get busted by friends or ex-boyfriends. Man, do I sound really old if I say, "life was easier back then".

Yes? that's OK.