Thursday, September 22, 2011

the book

Dear FB,

I think im over you. I barely use you unless I'm checking something about a band or my school's football schedule and even then not on for very long. I haven't posted a batch of photos in a long time and I only do a status if I really feel the need or I think its funny as hell. Is it because I'm getting older, or is it because I really don't care what's going on in people's lives anymore or the need to prove I've done something? I will always care about my great friendships, but I don't talk to them through facebook. I will mull this over for quite a bit I fear. I also am not liking the "we met for 5 seconds but now we are friends on facebook" deal. What is the point? I guess that's the real issue... what IS the point?

I used to make photo albums for my photos. Like, real photo albums where you flip a page and you can hold it in your lap. I need to do that again. I love doing that.

I do like how its a source of contacts with getting in touch with your friends when you need to, but the whole "what are you doing now" with twitter like feeds and "I'm eating lunch" status has proven boring to me. It is a time filler, I will admit at times, but, I should read or do something else productive.

Betty's baby took its first steps! Holy SHIT! (Who the hell is Betty again?)

I find myself checking you less and less. I kinda like this trend.

Love, Care

I DO love Instagram though... I will post the hell out of some pictures with filters. 


Natalie said...

Have you seen this?

Care said...

wow, this is actually pretty cool! Thanks, Nat! I mean, BRIDE!