Monday, September 26, 2011


I had a great time this weekend and this week just keeps getting better and BETTER!

Just let me start with this,
All bars should have a balloonist. Or should I say, balloon twister as he preferred.

I could have worn 5 more of these hats if he let me. I did have to share time with other patrons, but, I would like to have a balloon twister every Saturday. Thanks!

South Carolina Gamecocks are 3-0!
Oklahoma State Cowboys are 3-0!

Will my Redskins go 3-0 tonight against the awful Dallas Cowboys? I HOPE SO!!!!! Football is so fun when your teams are finally winning!

We also saw Drive this weekend. 
If you like Ryan Gossling you should probably see this movie. 
If you like psycho thrillers with lots of cars, you should probably see this movie. 
Just see the movie. 

Best news ever? I just scored RadioHead tickets for the week. 
I love RadioHead. I love Thom Yorke. How can you not? He looks like a hobbit.  

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