Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Streaming Thoughts By Carrie

I feel a little sorry for the kids of today.


Because they will not be able to experience the total and complete freedom we did as children/teenagers. Perhaps I am showing my age here, but, in high school we didn't have cell phones. We waited in line for the quarter PAY PHONES! And even with pay phones you just dialed 411 and said your message to your parents in the "please say the name of the person you are trying to dial". It was awesome. Having a cell phone now means that your parents can call/text whenever they want and you HAVE to answer. They can even track you on GPS on your phone or car. Whoa... can you honestly imagine? You have a webpage now that they can check and pictures you have to worry about being posted. The worst thing we could get caught for was note passing and maybe bringing a picture (that you had to get developed) of some beers at a party to school. No one was stupid enough to do that though. For the most part, parents were oblivious to the shenanigans teenagers got into, or, they weren't that obsessed with it because well, you trusted them.

Kids and social media think they are friends, but really... they should be mortal enemies. Its nothing but extra eyes for your parents, teachers,so-called-friends keeping tabs on you.

If I were a teenager in today's world I could see myself rebelling,not carrying a phone or having a FB account and wearing a shirt saying, "damn the man". But now, I need a phone for work. I should get rid of my facebook account. It is pretty stupid. Fousquare is the ultimate stupid, however. Still unsure why anyone would want to know where you were. Or why you'd want everyone to know. I guess I'm private like that in that one regard. I'll tell who I want before and let everyone know where I was AFTER I left.
OMG! Imagine COLLEGE with foursquare!!! You'd totally get busted by friends or ex-boyfriends. Man, do I sound really old if I say, "life was easier back then".

Yes? that's OK.

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