Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Littlest Visitor

We had a little visitor come to visit Scottie and I in NYC! 6 year old Nico and he LOVED his short weekend exploring the big city. In fact, he said he didn't want to leave. He was going to move in. I love that little dude. Here are some pics:
Ferry riding to Midtown and then also to the Brooklyn Bridge

does your neighborhood hang heels on telephone wires? Ours does!

Williamsburg Bridge

I love this one

This wee man is Nico. He is pretty much as awesome as awesome can be.
His favorite street art character
so we found more.

miss my family but so happy they visited :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Weekend

Stick Houses -- these the inspiration for "where the Wild Things Are"?

Beauty at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Creepy at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Confusion on if we're taking a picture correctly at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

this f'ing pig bit me while I was watching Scottie play Softball.

see those teeny tiny red lines? Proof that bacon plate bit me. Do not like PIGS!

For Real?

Ive seen a lot of disturbing things in my lifetime. but, I think this one takes top prize. I will explain as much as I can with out making you throw up.

If you want to see this disgusting'ness head on down to 55th and 6th Ave. Head on down there around 5:00pm EST and make sure you're on the side of the street where the LOVE sign is because the other side might be too disturbing.

A man walks about 20 steps into the street, pulls his pants down, bends over and goes to the bathroom. Not just a simple wizzz... no, the whole shabang... a big massive crapola. There have got to be at least 60 people on this corner at any given time and he just doesn't care.

I do feel badly for him because something terrible must have happened to him in his life to get him to this point, but, come on... there are a million ally's or OTHER places to do this. the middle of the street cannot be his best option.

Anyways, add that to your list of attractions next time you're visiting NYC. You can thank me later.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just Gotta Say It

(this is not directly at anyone who I am friends with or that I know very well. This is directed to those I never asked or dreamed of asking for their opinions). 

I don't care how you delivered your baby.

I don't care if you had it naturally and that you look at me like I should bow down and give you Mother Theresa ranking.

I don't believe the celebs that say, "I've never felt more beautiful then when I'm pregnant". I'm pretty uncomfortable.

I don't need you to say "I'm sorry you have to go back to work" when we discuss whether or not we're keeping our employment.

I'm taking the needle, I don't judge you for not. Nor do I think you're better than me.

The sentence, "births in hospitals are so traumatizing for babies". Now really? In a world of our science and technology, why on earth are we still torturing and traumatizing babies? I for one do not remember my birth or it being traumatizing... but, if these people do and are still affected by it... I'm really sorry for you.

Co-sleeping vs cribs, pacifiers vs no pacifiers, how long you breast feed etc. I'll figure it out when I have too. Just because you do it one way, doesn't mean its the best for my little bundle.

Women need to stop judging and being so competitive with pregnancy. Can't we just be cheerleaders and sounding boards for each other? Wish everyone well for a safe delivery... no matter how you do it...  

Rant. Done.