Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I LOVE this... 



Monday, October 18, 2010

hi. haven't seen you in awhile... ive been busy being an idiot. 

I'm back now and what i want to write is this. 

im going to try my hand at making pumpkin pie FROM SCRATCH. 

i can DO THIS! 

(what constitutes me being an idiot? Heres two pictures)

fried chicken and beer. ive grounded myself, don't worry.

Monday, October 4, 2010


We rode our beach cruisers through the city to partake in the Shirlington Oktoberfest! Thank god we got there early because by the time we left it was a mad house and most of the tasting kegs were kicked. We sampled about 5 each or so and then sat in the warm sun and had a great afternoon. We then biked to Crystal City and then home... I was literally dying. Beach Cruisers uphill aren't awesome. Beach cruisers on the beach are really awesome :) But, it was a great afternoon and we crashed hard that night. (oh and I literally fell off my bike, it was hilarious! I haven't done that since a kid and falling off a bike really puts you back into place, so funny!)

Happy Monday, Fools! We are sleeping all week until we get up and go to AUSTIN on Friday! YIPPEEEEE!
As most of you know I have been dealing with a stupid stomach issue that has put me in the hospital a few times and really messes up happiness and my social life! Well, I finally was approved to start a therapy where I get infusions. The infusions are of medicine that infuses my entire bloodstream and it takes about 3 hours a sitting, in which eventually I'll slow it down to about one three hour session every eight weeks (forever). Thing is... I FEEL AMAZING! I feel like a lucky girl!

Here's a small picture of me and my new favorite chair! Anyone have any good books to recommend?