Monday, October 4, 2010

As most of you know I have been dealing with a stupid stomach issue that has put me in the hospital a few times and really messes up happiness and my social life! Well, I finally was approved to start a therapy where I get infusions. The infusions are of medicine that infuses my entire bloodstream and it takes about 3 hours a sitting, in which eventually I'll slow it down to about one three hour session every eight weeks (forever). Thing is... I FEEL AMAZING! I feel like a lucky girl!

Here's a small picture of me and my new favorite chair! Anyone have any good books to recommend?


nataliegracie said...

whoo hoo - that's awesome that there is such a great treatment that makes you feel better! :)

nataliegracie said...

I meant to tell you the best book I've read all year is called "The Wave," by Susan Casey. It's 80% about big wave surfing (Laird Hamilton!!) in Hawaii and the south pacific, but it's also about rogue waves and tsunamis. I literally COULD NOT put it down. Super interesting, entertaining AND fascinating!

Kere said...

great!!! Time to teach yuo how to crochet :-)