Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Man Buns?!


Hipster HOT or NOT?


My morning stroll

Being on East coast time while working on the West coast means waking up super early. Here are my photos from my early morning walk.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Updates! Updates!

Sorry I've been out of the blogging scene for a bit. Its been crazy land in the world of Kirb. To not bore you with ridiculous back and forth shanigans I'll let you know the end result of chaos...


Philly's been a fun ride, but, its now over (THANK GOD!).
I can be honest, Philly and I didn't get along to well. We are very different sorts of souls. Philly is rough, tough and no one likes to smile or be friendly for the most part. I'm not rough, I'm only tough when I feel threatened and I LOVE to smile. I'm like Buddy the Elf... I LOVE SMILING! ITS MY FAVORITE. 
For the most part people are born-raised-still live in Philly. Which is great for them. 
But, it also gives them the opportunity to have a million friends since birth and meeting new people isn't very much on their for front of thoughts. 
So yes, meeting people was a bit tough. BUT, ladies and gentlemen... my life is changing because we are moving to the greatest city in the worllllddddddd.... NEW YORK! Well, most likely Brooklyn. But, you get my point. I can't WAIT!
Best part? My sister lives there tooooooooooo! Creepy Marvin sisters UNITE! 
Life is wonderful in that it can all change so quickly. Scott and I were blessed with fantastic opportunities and we are going to run with them. 
I of course will keep you updated along the way. You have been with me from VA, to Philly and now on to Brooklyn. I hope you enjoy my chaos. 

xoxo, Carrie

Life In iPhone Photos

Fun Fun!
week in Scottsdale, AZ
tapes on tapes on tapes
Philly's first Snow
lonely park benches
we love our mustache mirrors
snuggles and giggles and WARM COATS
Warm Rum Apple Cider for COOOOLLLLD Nights
this damn cat challenges me to staring contests all the time
Sisters in NYC (Jill's eyes closed)
mini snowmen in our backyard

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brr to the Brr

My heat doesn't work in my house.

To say I am freezing is a slight exaggeration but really, NOT MUCH! Its 50 degrees IN MY HOUSE. It's in the low 30's outside. I feel like I'm camping. I have sweat pants, UGGS, under armour, sweatshirt and a hat on sitting on my couch. I even have these sweet fingerless gloves on because I still need to work.
Aren't they cute? I think my hands look the cutest out of all my bundle wear I currently have on. My sister got these for me for Christmas and I think I'll sleep in them tonight if the heat continues to be broken. The dial doesn't seem to be responding to my threats and constant berating. Maybe I should try to reason with the heater? I'm much more partial to just kicking the crap out of it.


Dear Heater,
I would like you to work. Your warmth inside my house makes it much more tolerable to sit here and do my job comfortably. With you not working I am looking like Ralphie from Christmas Story puffed out like a marshmellow. You are however, encouraging cardio as I have gotten up multiple times to run in place and do jumping jacks to regain the blood flow to my limbs.
I'm just asking for you to do your job of heating. You live in my house, heat it up. Even if you just make it to the 60's inside, I will be greatful. 51 degrees indoors is just outrageous, you're creeping down to the 40's. If I wanted to live outside, I'd curl up with the dudes on the corner and talk about not having to pay rent. BUT I PAY RENT... WORK!
I can't even write a rational letter to you because my fingers are frozen.
running in place, Carrie

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Good Idea

(via Jay Mug)

Wednesday Jumble!

First one of 2012!

yes it does
LOVE LOVE LOVE! (especially the Tory Burch bracelets!!!!!!!!!!)


this is so cute. (i really do have an infatuation with tattoos)

karma. I do not mess with you.
Its COLD enough outside (21degrees) I might as well be in Alaska. So beautiful!
 And Finally,

a VERY happy dog with a teal ball

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


...New Year!

Love, Scott and Carrie

We spent the weekend laughing, drinking and exploring Philadelphia. Tom was in town and my stomach muscles STILL hurt from laughing AT with him. It was the GREATEST fun.