Saturday, February 27, 2010

this is our friday night.

me not being able to drink and us on a TIGHT budget has really put our creative brains together to keep us busy. what does that entail? seeing how many marshmellows we can fit in our mouths at one time.
my turn... 

i failed at FIVE! 
so after making ourselves almost puke and look really unattractive we decided to step it up a notch and see if we could do better. 
impromptu photo shoot!!!


This is called, the Eunice and Yuni 
the smoosh face,

 and now that we have officially made you nervous we are losing our minds, I will assure you that we certainly have. :)

 Have a GREAT day today... we're off to southern virginia for a little adventure.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


...warning,  a little history lesson. 

the last place i visited when i left DC was the Lincoln Memorial so it was inspiring for Mr. Lincoln to be our first tourist visit with me being back. I love his memorial. it's impressive, beautiful and full of history. One of the most famous speeches in American History was delivered on these steps... 
"I have a dream" ring a little bell? 
Lincoln was our 16th President and definitely MY favorite. He successfully led his country through its greatest internal crisis, the American Civil War, preserving the Union and ending slavery. He was impressive in his life and he is impressive memorialized. 
Carly, when you visit, you WILL be coming here. It's a DC MUST on the Carrie tour. 
below is the National Monument and Reflecting Pool. This is where Forest ran across the water yelling "JENN-AY" in the movie, Forest Gump. It was awesome being here today when barely anyone was around. We just popped in the car, drove 4 miles and BAM! we were there!

Vietnam Memorial 
if you see me on the road, look out, I'm not a good driver! 

who knew

...that trying to find a wedding venue was so difficult? scratch that, it's prob not difficult, its just time consuming and how do you pick a location from a website? anyone have any advice on how to do this? we're looking at a place in Old Town, Alexandria on Wednesday and then checking out Fawn Lake this weekend. 
What would be REALLY cool is if it was already picked out, we had a date and people just showed up, captain awesome gets kicked out, we randomly find a DJ down the street and have an amazing time like at the JARTY! 
Carly, talk to the Sweed at Cabo and tell him to construct one here in DC. we need a devil bar...  it's only fair. 

A Cabo Cantina Wedding... imagine... 

and the dance floor...

our ordained minister, Nico. He totally approves of this idea, btw.
(been thinkin about taking kids pictures for extra cash for parents, lemme know if you're interested!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


potpourri - 
often used to refer to any collection of miscellaneous or diverse items. 
not the dried/rotten fruits. So, now that that is out of the way...

today's post is very potpourri. 

1. we went to the Wizards vs Bulls game on Monday night at the Verizon Center in Chinatown. We had SWEET suite seats and the Wizards ACTUALLY pulled out a win. Amazing! we got there early on a rainy night so that's why no one is there yet. Metro and walking... what a concept! :)

2. here's our front door. 
I'm still working on the inside photo's for yall. I haven't forgotten, promise! It's lookin GOOD though! 
3. I got hired to take pictues: (headshots and an active session) at a yoga studio here in 
Virginia! (Thanks for the referral, Jen!) I'm SO excited so I made Scott do some poses for me to practice and to send out a sample of my work... how good do they look?? 
I'm SO excited to be doing this! hopefully more opportunities will come up because of this.
keep your fingers crossed for me.

4. today we are going to a jobfair. ugh, but... there are some sweet companies there for Scott to get some face time in. CIA, Dept of Defense, Homeland, etc. I just told him to go in and say, "he hits homeruns, throws touchdowns and loves the good ole U.S.A" - I think he'll walk out with a VP title from someone. :) He has a cold, so send some good thoughts and vibes our way!

CA, AZ, we miss you. 
VA, I promise to see some of you soon, thanks for being understanding. Ill be back to my crazy/normal self in no time.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Runs and We Sled With The Dead

After a weekend of pretty much relaxing and still getting the apartment ready, sidenote: I really HATE waiting for people to come to my apartment. I mean, "i'll be there from around 8am to 5pm". I really want to be like, "no! you do what IIIIIIIIIII SAY!". Never works out that way, but im on a serious gladiator battle with Verizon FIOS today and i am feeling good about a win. BIG WIN! I'll let ya know how it goes. 

back to what i was originally blogging about...

We went for a run yesterday morning over the Key Bridge which separates Virginia from DC. It was freezing and we had to take a few detours because snow is still piled up EVERYWHERE. It was gorgeous, but brisk. we ran to the famous exorcist stairs from the movie, well, Exorcist. The stairs are famous because Vicar the priest falls down them and dies. (love that movie). 
Anyways, I took Scott here... hahahaha! There are only 75 stairs people, and it was daylight. He was safe. I'm not Linda Blair.
next, we took it to Virginia to my parents house to go sledding in their backyard which backs up to a cemetery, thus why it's named, "sled with the dead". Im going to start charging people to use the hill and make t-shirts. it's rad. 

everyone's bodies were sore today except mine. I didn't feel like landing HARD on my stomach just yet. :)

the most exciting part of this weekend was that my sissy took the train down from NYC to see me. It was the most needed hug ive needed and i feel like a new person just having spent time with her, heard her laugh and feel her smile. she's my best friend, my confidant and someone i can say anything to and she won't get grossed out with hospital details. :) She listens, she rubs my back when i need it and she makes me laugh so hard i forget why im crying. (I can't believe you found the baby in the king cake!). Jill, you won't know the magnitude it meant on me to have you come down. spending time with you is invaluable and i am so happy i'm not across the country from you again.
move back in! :) 

ok, off to fight a battle with Verizon now and Scott's going to shave his beard. I will document. 


Friday, February 19, 2010

um, we're not in LA anymore...

omg, we're really on the plane going the direction we want to go...

we got here...

holy SH*T, it's COLD and check out the SNOW
They weren't lyin... that's a lot of SNOW! 
(we didn't have a kid by the way, that's my nephew, Nico). 
we have been so busy unpacking and getting everything set up. I am a serious foreman, being on steroids makes me non-stop and guess what? our apt is pretty much SET UP! Sowry, Scott! it's been so fun and we love the place so far. we will take pics tomorrow and post them for yall to see, but, what we'd really love is for you to VISIT!


Rybo, gimme some house music because my happy dance needs some beats! 

posting pics in a bit.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



When Carrie and I decided that we were going to move to Va after the new year I was very excited and a bit sad. I would close my eyes and picture how the move would be, what the condo looked liked, how I would feel when I said goodbye to my brother and cousin, and what emotion I would feel when I stepped foot in Virginia. Oooooooh how life is magnificent.


 All of those feelings have been replaced with thoughts of survival, feelings of concern, an emotions that leave you physically drained. I've learned a lot about myself caring for a loved one in the hospital when you are physically helpless. I've learned that a smile, a joke, a tear can mean all the difference when one is dealing with a disease. I can't imagine what my fiance went through physically, and emotionally but I do know she did it with a smile.

Carrie is a selfless human being who puts her friends and family before herself in any situation. You would never guess these past four months she has been in tremendous pain, I didn't. She smiles, laughs, and dances the pain away in order to keep OUR spirits up. THANK YOU
I'm excited about our future in DC, I'm excited to meet new people, and see new things. I have lived all over the US: The Bay Area, New Jersey, Orange County, Oklahoma, Arizona, New York, Santa Monica and now DC. I feel in my entire being that this is a place where I will stay, a place where Carrie and I will have a deep connection with.
I close my eyes tonight and I pray for a speedy recovery for Ms. Marvin, I pray for a safe flight to DC, I pray for an exciting life with a woman who has swept me off my feet.
I love you, Carrie.

'Cause ya asked, Lisa

Here is the awesome abstract genius that is Scott Kirby. this is the incredible life-like drawing he did of me. it just brings tears to my eyes. yours?
i adore how he added the, I heart Scottie". 
hahaha, LOVE IT! 
because its so good, I will sell it to a lucky reader as hard as it will be to part with for 1 million dollars. only serious inquiries.

Happy Trails To You...

Today is our LAST day in Arizona and I am proud to say that I am feeling soooooo much better! I went for a slight jog yesterday and felt like my lungs were little going to burst into flames but I powered through then made Scottie give me some other sorts of exercise crap to do. I typically just like to run, do abs, some floor pilaties for my legs then set them up on the couch to watch the tube, but, im going to really try to take this lower body weight (from the hospital) and do something with it. I'm excited! Plus, being on steroids really doesn't make you feel like resting and you feel like you're on redbull 24 hours a day... Rybo, jealous? :) 

anyways, here are the newest pics of our lazy days in trilogy... 

cactus botanical gardens in scottsdale, so pretty... 
any other grease 2 fans 
with this pistil/stamen photo?

Valentines dinner with the fam at North... had a few bites of the dungeonous crab, amaaaazing... 
Valentines Day was perfect...  
now that today is my last day, im panicking to figure out what i may have missed! 
Love you, Scottsdale! I WILL be back!