Monday, March 29, 2010

since looking for employment is a full time job... Scottie and I decided to take a lil vacation! Yep, we hopped on down to Anna Maria Island again for some sunshine, beach and well... FUN! We've taken long walks on the beach (haha, had to do it), ocean kayaking (which scott fell off of the kayak trying to get in. I bet he'll comment defending himself. Regardless, it was so funny!!!), biking to Rod and Reel Pier to get some grouper sandwiches and runs to take off the calories of a grouper sandwich. :) 
our awesome sea kayak
grouper sando's and a pitcher of beer... life is good. 
and here is lobster man... 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We have had back to back weekends with guest and we had a blast. First up we had the amazing, Carly out from LA. Even though the weather was absolutely horrid, I loved having here every second. I have missed my bestie and I can't wait for her to come BACK! 

Next up we had Scott's dad. We had dinner at Charlie Palmers on Friday night and we took to the terrace to see the incredible view. I mean... honestly, is there a better view in DC? I haven't seen one...!

BIG thank you to Carly and Big Kev for coming out. We were sad to see you go.

on another note, I apologize for being so behind on blogging. I promise to post much more frequently... PROMISE! 

We're off to Anna Maria Island tomorrow. WEEEEEEE!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cooking With Tom

yes, we really did make a cooking video with our friend, Tom. He's a natural I think! I was in charge of camera and editing while Scottie was the light dude and random yelling voice. :) The video is 9 min so it's a commitmnet to watch, but I think everyone did a really good job. AND, the braised chicken thighs were actually REALLY GOOD! 

Mr. Kirby comes into town today and it's going to be in the 70s all weekend! 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Help Me

Carly is here............a weekend of Pev, Captain Awesome, St Pattys, DC Site Seeing, and some Pints. I'm up for the challenge and grateful to have our first guest from LA out this weekend.

Alright Carly lets do this!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

tea, anyone?

I love a good tea. I love a good old english tea house. I love when i can get good tea and a great tea house with my mama! The British Tea Pantry in Aldie, Virginia is the sweetest place I've been to in a long time. It's quaint, it's authentic and it was a perfect Thursday afternoon. We had the full afternoon tea with scones, tea sandwiches (with the crusts cut off!!) and biscuits with clotted cream and real strawberry jam. I just loved my afternoon,  and you can tell from my pics. Next time you're in Aldie, and you probably never will be (HA!)...  you need to see this adorable place and be brought back to jolly ole england.

welcome to the weekend, friends! I have one my bestie bests flying in from LA and I couldn't be MORE excited!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


yesterday was absolutely gorgeous out so Scott and I took the opportunity to go check out another wedding site as well as walk around Pennsylvannia Ave. 
The W Hotel is amazing... it's on the list...
after checking out the hotel we walked across the street to see Obama's house,
then on our way home we saw this dog and i wanted to take it home. pllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaze?

check out who got in my prop box

 Nico is one cool kid.

Monday, March 8, 2010

so, we have come up with the conclusion that we have too many friends after looking at wedding venues and them being too small. In order to deal with this we have decided to do things Gladiator style and match two friends up and then make them fight for a seat at our wedding. We will have a wheel of activities that you will have to partake in and if you lose... well, you don't get an invite. Since we have pushed back our wedding date to the spring you have plenty of time to get in shape and practice your "fight" skills. Some events on "the wheel" are... jousting, crab walking across a busy street blindfolded, pie eating contests with sharp objects hidden in it, who can finish a bottle of ketchup quickest, walking across hot coals with lighter fluid on your feet... ya know... the usual. (kidding, maybe). We will match you and you will have to compete! First up is Carly vs. Tom. I think your challenge is to see how many chocolate covered bacon bites you can eat with out throwing up in one sitting. Minimum, 28 1/2.  (Scott, Katie, Mike and I went to dinner Saturday night at Farmers and Fishers and they were on the appetizer list, we decided that they tasted just like dog treats. Other than that, the restaurant was GREAT!). 
Here's a picture...
any other suggestions are welcome!!!  :) 
here's some pics of some possible venues: 

Hotel Monoco in Old Town, Alexandria
(too small)

Torpedo Factory in Old Town, Alexandria
(this was big enough and it's pretty rad).

Happy Monday, folks!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Old Town, Alexandria

St. Patty's day parade in Old Towne with little Nico (my nephew)!
love his guinness hat. 
Nico thought he was going to run into Scott's legs but instead Scott jumped over him and Nico went down HARD on the asphalt. it was so freakin funny. 

Then we went down to the water to check out a wedding venue as well as see the old cherry blossom river boat.
and this series is called 'signs of old town'

the sun has been out all weekend, and even though it is still cold, it was nice to see the sunshine. It's been a beautiful weekend, hope yours was too!

Friday, March 5, 2010


The Washington Capitals really are the only team in DC really worth cheering for, and I say that with a heavy heart because those who know me know that I have an unconditional that is going through some conditional issues right now with the Redskins. I digress... so, we went to the CAPS game last night and it. was. AWESOME! We started at Clydes in Chinatown for some calamara and taco's then made our way to Bar Louis for some $3.00 drafts that Scott and John enjoyed while I drank my sugar loaded iced teas at record speeds. We played the Tampa Bay Lightening and it was a close game, BUT, CAPS WIN! Here are a few of my faves from the game... 

first up, the CAPStranaught. He dances like he's on the moon... real slow and bouncy to every song. I really liked him.
the Ovi's 8 kid. he wears that 8 every game and sits surprising close to the bench so I'm sure Ovi knows he's there. 


the arena
 annnnnd, me and John eating massive ice cream cones, 

i think we convinced Scottie to be a CAPS fan! SUCCESS! My favorite player is Bradstrom because his stick broke and he used his body as a puck shield TWICE ... BADASS! Scott, who's yours? 
off to go shoot a yoga studio and making Scott be a "client" as well... YIPPEE!!

ooo, and THEN we're seeing "Alice in Wonderland in 3D"!!! YEY! YEY! Perhaps a impromtu Georgetown photoshoot later as well? I'm leaning towards a yessssssss.