Friday, July 29, 2011


Have a great weekend, everyone!

I'm heading down to southern Virginia for some fun on the lake. I will also watch Tom and Scott battle it out on the golf course while I sit in a golf cart gulping sipping beers. We will then knee board, smash Tom on the screamer tube to where he might knock out his teeth again and then just relax on the dock. I can't think of a better weekend.

I'll take some good pics for you to see Monday. 

Have you seen this chick? I can't wait to be her for Halloween! 

(kinda obsessed with this awful song... sorry im not sorry)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Jumble


want this dress. need some place ot wear this dress.

I couldn't have said it better


every girl swoons. The Notebook will always make him be a favorite

i really want a hippo now.

Last night me and Scottie went to the Phillie's Ballpark to see his beloved Giants! I don't really have a baseball team that I am obsessed with so, I just go with whatever park I'm at. Therefore, I bought so much Phillies stuff. Check out my rad hulk hand! Carly, I'm going to get you one of these. :) We'll be heading back tonight, Tim Lincecum is pitching and he is one amazing stoner.

Monday, July 25, 2011

What do you do on a Sunday morning in 100 degree heat? 
I take a solo stroll in the city to take some steamy pics. 

subway stop mural art

awkward self portrait

its all you need right? especially in the city of brotherly love.

the magnificent Court House in Philly
This is by far the most amazing building in the city my opinion. It's detail is stunning

I love this old font and detail

Inside of the Courthouse. 

Its still very hot here on the east coast but the heat didn't stop my exploring afternoon for too long. I did brave the heat for a few hours and checked out the amazing courthouse building here in Philadelphia. It really is an incredible building. The detail alone makes you think you're in Europe as they do not make buildings like this anymore. The structure is immense and the inside is delicate with angels on beams and then large animals heads at openings. I highly recommend checking this place out. You could sit in the park and point out different gargoyles all day with a friend.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ravenna Woods

I like the guitar work, clapping, drums and their album artwork is pretty awesome. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wednesdayjumble. WednesdayJumble. WEDNESDAYJUMBLE!

It's Wednesday!

I have to do this to one of my friends one day. Hopefully sooner than later. I love it!

with this 100degree heat i am looking forward to this.

must recreate

this is so true! I work from home so getting dressed seems like a waste of a perfectly put together outfit so I wear work out clothes all day. My poor husband.

uh oh, I really am looking forward to fall.

I need to make this for my bike. Since I don't know anyone here, being known as the unicorn bike girl seems pretty awesome to me!

if i made these for my husband he would kill me. .. because he'd eat them in one sitting.

Monday, July 18, 2011


My heaven?

The Anthropologie flagship store on 18th and Walnut in Philadelphia. It's located in a massive three story mansion that is absolutely beautiful. It has an old wooden circular staircase and old original stone detail from the early 1900's on every corner. When I was wedding planning, I asked my coordinator to make it look like an Anthropologie store... she succeeded. See...
I spent about 2 hours just wandering around this store looking at the paper cut out curtains in the windows or the beautiful displays absolutely everywhere. I really don't think there is a better decorated store out there. It truly is the definition of what I think "beautiful" is. *sigh*

Maybe I should get a part time gig there. Actually not a bad idea, Carrie.

Yes, Im now talking to myself. No, I don't have cats yet.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


My Morning Jacket. 

Wednesday Jumble - On Thursday

Oops, Totally forgot to do this yesterday.


wine straws? I have a few friends who would love this.

carved crayons. the teal one is amazing.

"google me" business cards. clever.

Thailand Lantern Festival

Two Words: Bacon. Pancakes.

Can you believe it was two years ago when she shaved her head? So happy Britney's hair is back and she's looking fab!

Denim Toms

This is just amazing. 

 Happy Wednesday Jumble on Thursday!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I remember one summer afternoon in high school sitting at my friend Katie's house and saying, "dye the bottom two inches of my hair bright pink". Her eyes grew wide and we drove to the mall that second, picked up a jar of manic panic and went to it. In high school I had long blonde hair, much like I do now, but it wasn't damaged as of yet. I however, with countless dye jobs managed to ruin that good thing. However, the end result of the pink hair tips were everything I expected, AWESOME! I absolutely loved it! My Dad... absolutely HATED it.

He agreed to let me keep it for a week and then I had to get it chopped off, but, the agreement was at a high end salon. Im a beast in the negotiation room. I learned from him.

That week of pink tips was a great week. In fact, a few months later I saw that Gwen Stefani did it for her Ex-Boyfriend video -- I like to think she copied me. I realize this is completely and utterly ridiculous but let me dream the dream.

What I'm taking forever to get to is, tip dying is back in. But now in a tie-dye fashion. I have to say... I'm in LOVE with it and wish I were back to being a teenager attending summer festivals and telling my parents I was at church.

I wish I had a photo of me, but, here's a photo of some amazing tips in the fashion world.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I bought this today off ebay.

Ive never bought anything off ebay before.
I have never picked up a banjo in my life before.
I have no clue what possessed me to even buy this instrument other than its freakin AWESOME.

so, here's to hoping that i have prodigy like talent for the banjo.Who am I kidding, I totally will.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Help Me Out Here

I need some color boost change in my apartment. I have a tan couch, tan carpet and a dark brown coffee table. I'm feeling like Mr. Big's BEIGE girlfriend in Sex And The City.

im not sure why this won't rotate for me. Please rotate neck.
I had yellow accent pillows but I'm extremely tired of them and am in the market for some NEW pillows/throws and blankets. What color would YOU do? Suggestions? I'm leaning towards an aqua blue? 

Any sites out there besides etsy I need to look at?

OK, I will leave you alone now. Have a good one!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

are yall into the colored jeans trend?

I totally remember wearing them in like 3rd grade. Im pretty sure I had red.

Now though, not sure I could do it.

Maybe when i was 22.


Wednesday Jumble

too soon? maybe.

iceland turf houses
i really wish i was

best show ever. "Summer Heights High"Scottie, Carly, we gotta watch that again!
hotdog, hamburger wrapped in bacon turtles for the grill! I would love to scare my future kids with this.
happy hump day, everyone!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Perfect To Start The Weekend!

I need some of that fruit!
(please watch the amazing youtube below)

I too, hope your hangovers aren't too bad the next morning or... ALL WEEKEND!

Happiest 4th, Everyone!

Special Plans? I'm off to Florida!