Monday, July 25, 2011

What do you do on a Sunday morning in 100 degree heat? 
I take a solo stroll in the city to take some steamy pics. 

subway stop mural art

awkward self portrait

its all you need right? especially in the city of brotherly love.

the magnificent Court House in Philly
This is by far the most amazing building in the city my opinion. It's detail is stunning

I love this old font and detail

Inside of the Courthouse. 

Its still very hot here on the east coast but the heat didn't stop my exploring afternoon for too long. I did brave the heat for a few hours and checked out the amazing courthouse building here in Philadelphia. It really is an incredible building. The detail alone makes you think you're in Europe as they do not make buildings like this anymore. The structure is immense and the inside is delicate with angels on beams and then large animals heads at openings. I highly recommend checking this place out. You could sit in the park and point out different gargoyles all day with a friend.

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