Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday Jumble - On Thursday

Oops, Totally forgot to do this yesterday.


wine straws? I have a few friends who would love this.

carved crayons. the teal one is amazing.

"google me" business cards. clever.

Thailand Lantern Festival

Two Words: Bacon. Pancakes.

Can you believe it was two years ago when she shaved her head? So happy Britney's hair is back and she's looking fab!

Denim Toms

This is just amazing. 

 Happy Wednesday Jumble on Thursday!


KJS said...

Where do you find this stuff? It's hilarious...and awesome. Love it!

Diana said...

The Google business cards are the most clever I've seen.

pev said...

my god, we look up the same shit!! I was just looking up toms last week and WANTED that denim pair bad. they are awesome. but they were sold out online in my size ;( can you please go buy me a pair and send ;)

Care said...

Carls, these are rad too,

PaigeMarie said...

I've used wine straws before- but i found they were difficult to clean. I think simply straws makes a better product- mostly because it comes with a pipe cleaner, and better looking case. just my opinion