Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I remember one summer afternoon in high school sitting at my friend Katie's house and saying, "dye the bottom two inches of my hair bright pink". Her eyes grew wide and we drove to the mall that second, picked up a jar of manic panic and went to it. In high school I had long blonde hair, much like I do now, but it wasn't damaged as of yet. I however, with countless dye jobs managed to ruin that good thing. However, the end result of the pink hair tips were everything I expected, AWESOME! I absolutely loved it! My Dad... absolutely HATED it.

He agreed to let me keep it for a week and then I had to get it chopped off, but, the agreement was at a high end salon. Im a beast in the negotiation room. I learned from him.

That week of pink tips was a great week. In fact, a few months later I saw that Gwen Stefani did it for her Ex-Boyfriend video -- I like to think she copied me. I realize this is completely and utterly ridiculous but let me dream the dream.

What I'm taking forever to get to is, tip dying is back in. But now in a tie-dye fashion. I have to say... I'm in LOVE with it and wish I were back to being a teenager attending summer festivals and telling my parents I was at church.

I wish I had a photo of me, but, here's a photo of some amazing tips in the fashion world.


JenBax said...

I love it and if my hair was long enough I would totally do it..that and wear Abercrombie and Fitch warm up outfits that had the name embroidered really large on the front and butt. Oh yeah. Alas, I shall keep just the really obnoxious red highlights that I am probably too old to have... When is too old to do that? Another question I post. When is it too old for a guy to wear a white wife beater? Can you only get away with them in your 20s? Janelle says so. Or does it depend on the body..hmmm.. these are the important questions I stay up late to ponder.

Care said...

Jen, you are never too old for your red highlights. I LOVE those. don't change them. :)

I have to think more on the white wife beater. Now I will be up at night pondering.