Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Apple Super Awesome Nerds, Please Send Me One!

Wednesday Jumble

I really want to explore India one day. (via Free People Shoot)

The sunflowers in my neighborhood say "hi!"

i work from home. If i had cameras in my house to watch the ridiculousness i do, it would be ratings gold.
looks like a caterpillar huh? its not. hi hugging birdies.
hey, its hump day right?   
and finally, 
a pug in a bowl. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


(via HC)


I am SOOOOO happy this style is BACK for pants! 
Tight on the booty then wide all the way down. So comfy and I love the silhouette. 
I wish i still had my sweet pair from a south carolina thrift store from the 90's, but, I will shake this salvation army re-donation with consoling myself with a NEW pair. 

I love fall clothes. 
I can't WAIT to spend an entire paycheck on a new seasons wardrobe.

My Banjo

Two Things:

1. I learned a song... this is big for me. I'm only on my second lesson and banjo is very hard (for me). The song? The Old Glory Goose. Carrie Bluegrass is so cool. Maybe when im comfy I will post a video. Don't count on it for awhile though. I literally get VERY nervous even in front of my teacher. I need to practice more, I only have 11 more months until my goal of traveling the world with a world famous band needs to come true. ;)

2. I need a name for good ole Banjo. Have any suggestions?

Are Pickles Paleo Friendly?

I don't really care because whatever they're not, they Are certainly delicious.

Why don't you chill out and watch this...


Hungover??? I have the cure............

This drink is AMAZING!!
Low in sugar (2g), Low in sodium(10mg), Low in Carbs (7g)
Contains all the vitamins you could ever want PLUS Probiotics, Antioxidants, and Organic Acids.

I suggest getting the Gingerade flavor so good!


The new fad? New diet? Who knows but I started this Paleo Diet last week.

Basically you eat: Meat, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Fish........what a caveman would eat. Gone are grains, legumes, anything processed, dairy, sugar, all the good stuff.

I'll let you know how it goes, so far it's been difficult BUT I will push through!

Workout of the Day-please time

300 Air Squats (Body Weight)
200 Push Ups
100 Burpess
1 Mile run

Good Luck Tom!

Friday, August 26, 2011

fish taco

oh man

All I Have Left To Do Is Hit The Liquor Store

...And I'm set for Hurricane Irene! 

Stay safe, everyone!

My Life Really Is Like This...

Scottie and I had awesome plans to go up to NYC to see my sister and go to the Dave Matthews Caravan concert this weekend on Governors Island. BUT, now that Irene has completely screwed us and everything was cancelled, I decided to go to the next best thing. 

The new grocery store GRAND OPENING, Super Fresh! 

I know, I know... catch your breath. I too was so very excited. THEY HAD LIVE MUSIC! 

there were celebrities, our mayor... Nutter. 
The veggies were oh so fresh and clean, 
and, I got to practice wearing my rain boots before this b*tch of a hurricane hits us. I'm so mad at her.
and just to add, and im not sure how I feel about admitting this, but, all my bags broke on my walk home and I almost cried. You all would have laughed at me. jerks.
(via: Chema Madoz)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

another TANFA

have you ever tried or do you do yoga?
if so, READ THIS!

If you know me well, you will know i am the MOST unflexible person in the world. truly. and sooooo sooooo SHIT at yoga.
this article made me laugh. so true.


While our little continent may not produce that many musical sensations,
we get to claim Gotye as one of our own
(he is not aussie, but lives here, so I am claiming him)

Anyway, he's been around for ages....don't think he's big over on your side of the pacific?
his latest album is amazing. check it out.
listen here.
I've never seen him live, but apparently his live shows are something special - he has a full orchestra with can imagine how awesome that would be after listening to his stuff.

totally obsessed with  "Somebody that I used to know"

Over and Out

Fine! I just got you these

Before and After

Before I decided it was time to clean up my stupid closet. 

AFTER I decided to finally sit down and clean my awesome closet: 
We travel a lot and putting away my shoes after an unpack is just unfathomable to me. So I typically just throw them in the general direction of my side of the closet. SOOOO... now that they are organized and all put together I realize that... I don't have enough SHOES! 
Hey Huzbo, go to or or better yet...  
just gimme your creddy card


I love everything denim. 
Jackets, pants, shorts, shirts... not so much bags, but you get my point. I really like it. I even wear denim ON denim on numerous occasions. Its so GREAT!

i think i have and would wear this outfit. but, I love her jacket.

But right now I'm totally eying some denim jackets. Has anyone seen a great one out there on the interwebs they wouldn't mind sharing? They really are the perfect fall warmth in my opinion.

Wednesday Jumble on Thursday

i love my hunter wellies, I think i need them in gray now.

made me laugh

this looks extremely painful

(just my open mouth, no words)

another useful tool i wish i had in college

obsessed with this product. the oil, shampoo and conditioner are amazing.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My grandfather passed away this past weekend. He and I were very close. He was like my best friend all growing up and we had a lot of secret stories and special faces between the two of us. Some say I got my personality from him and I am a lot like him, a mini-me, if you will. Greatest compliment ever in my opinion. So his funeral was a little rough, but it really was a great celebration. He was 87, he lived a long life and he had a special impact on his tiny town as it was standing room only in his little church. I was extremely proud to be apart of the family he created. He was also known as "the candy man". He carried candy in his pockets everyday and passed it out, everyone knew it and everyone loved it. We passed out candy in baskets during the service. 

He was also a crazy sports fan. He was a pitcher for the Philadelphia Athletics as a young man and never missed a chance to see/watch/go to a game of any kind. He instilled that passion into me as well. I thought it was extremely poetic that I went to my husbands baseball game the day before his service. I know he was smiling down on us all weekend and loved that my huzbie plays his favorite sport. I get goosebumps thinking about it. Would it be too much that we had the entire church singing "take me out to the ballgame" at the end of the service? Yes? Well... we did. And it was a moment I will never forget. I love you, Paps. 
my grandfather

my husband playing in his game this past weekend.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Killian Martin doing some incredible stuff on a skateboard. Definitely worth a look.

Friday, August 19, 2011


I look in the mirror I see that latex sports face and it freaks me out for a second. Everytime.

why don't i move it?

no clue.

i should clean my closet. sowry.

On A Stick

Well, after seeing this I think we all need to go to Wisconsin's state fair next year. Now, stop drooling on your keyboard and go do some burpees.

Happy Friday from CHINA

Must-See Photo


(via pleated jeans)


It's almost Back To School time and this makes me smile.
I LOVED the first day of school. My mom would make me take a First Day Of School photo in the morning and I have them all from first grade to senior year. (I gotta find those). Pretty sure I never acted too cool for them because I knew how stupidly awesome they were. I also always spent hours choosing my outfits for the first week but would always just wear my cheerleading outfit everyday. My mom would yell at me to put on more mascara and to brush my hair and I'd always just fly out the door running up to the bus stop right as it was pulling up. Ah, first jitters... they were the BEST! I think I enjoy the "the first days". Maybe this is why I get excited to start a new job, start a new activity, class or lesson... its that addiction of the jitter/nervousness. The unknown.

to all those kids out there that are starting up a new school year (and not reading this blog). Reach out and be a friend to someone who you didn't know from the last year or someone brand new to the school. That was my move. I would go right up to that new kid and take him/her under my wing and lead them to the best FIRST DAY ever. Or they would most likely go home and be like, "this crazy b*tch would not leave me alone!!!  Actually, i have a few friends who say the latter on their first days. hahaha! Sorry I'm not sorry.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Welcome to TANFA

Who am I?
Carrie posted an ad on craigslist wanting an Aussie to contribute to this blog, to make it more wordly if you will. I responded, and Wha La here I am!
(this may or may not be a complete lie)
(Carrie note: is a lie)

So, I bring to you....
Thursday Arvo Notes From Australia.

What better way to start that with something AMERICAN! ha! 

If you live in San Francisco, and are looking for a roommate, I suggest you hit this guy up...this might be one of the greatest Craigslist ads I've ever read...

(if it has been taken down by the time you read this...try the next link)

About me? I work in research with the government here in Australia. i know, you're super jealous! My days are filled with trying to understand why people drink and drive, why people take a ton of pills, or disco biscuits as i like to call them and take their car for a spin...basically why people act like dicks on the road. 
You get my point. 
Anyways, i thought i'd share some rather humurous ads that I'm working with right now. these ads are on bascially every billboard around the state of South Australia, they are on coasters in every pub, they've been made into stubbie holders (or koozies as you yanks call them). i think they are hilarious, and i'm super surprised the govt. has taken a rather crude method of advertising. do they stop drink driving? Ha! of course not. I think they just get a laugh and encourage profanity!

I'm sure you can figure them out...

It's friday morning here (i'm totally living in the future) and in light of that, I'm going to share with you, every week, a special JAM, that made the hit-list of carrie and I carpooling to work everyday when we lived in LA. we used to ROCK OUT. this one was definitely a regular:

until next time, SMILE, it's nearly the WEEKEND!


For you National Fans

Rainy Day Workout-IN DA HOUSE

A1    Air Squats 50 reps
     no break
A2    Alternating Lunges 25 reps each side
     no break
A3    Frog Jumps 15 reps

3 MIN REST then repeat for 4 rounds

B1   Push-ups 15 reps
     no break
B2   Sit-ups 15 reps
     no break
B3   Burpees 30 reps example:

FOR TIME, how many rounds can you do in 5 min???

That's all for today............Keep it Tight

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's A Wednesday Jumble

i cut 7 inches of hairs off

new season! new season! new season!


where is this?!

yarned Bob Ross


frozen grape sticks!

Tennis anyone?

While you wait for your jumble, why not listen to a tune? This one should do, it's called Marathon and it's by a band called Tennis. This one was on heavy rotation last summer but it's still as lovely as ever.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Can we add this to team flabongo? For those of us who prefer wine to beer.

(side note, if you are in DC try to make it to Estadio or Proof the guy on the video is the wine director (if that's the correct term) at both spots)

Side, side note, nested parentheses!


My Blog is being taken over by two new contributors. Monday and Tuesday are now themed and I hope you find them as entertaining as I do. Feel free to comment, annoy, argue or compliment if you feel. That's what that damn little button is down there. Anyhoo... enjoy the new, but still embrace the old... ME when I feel like blogging. Love yall. 

Today is my day.
It’s a Tough Guy Tuesday kind of day. This phrase was formed on a baseball field in a small town in Oklahoma called Stillwater. It’s a reference when a fellow teammate becomes a little too loud-mouthed, a little too aggressive, and a little too belligerent on the field.
Since Mrs. Kirby is tackling the fashion, music, and jumble side of things and E.Y. is taking the approach of food culture and literature I think it’s fair to make one day about manly things: Sports, Beer, Exercise, and whatever else spills out of my brain.

Welcome to Tough Guy Tuesdays with Schmitty
Can you smell it? Can you feel it? It’s coming……….FOOTBALL is near and life can get back to normal. This is the time of year where every football fan of college and NFL have hope, dreams, and aspirations that their team might pull together a magical year and go to a BCS Championship Game or make it to the NFL Playoff’s.
I personally have high hopes for my alma mater Oklahoma State University which is currently ranked in the top ten of every major poll. I also by way of marriage have the responsibility of cheering on the South Carolina Gamecocks which equally have high hopes of being crowned National Champions if their Quarterback can make it through a season without getting arrested.

Good Luck to all the teams out there, who is ready for some flabongos???

Ba Ba Banjoooooooooo

So a few weeks back I was having a rough month because I had just moved to a new city and had no friends and that things were rough. Remember? Need a refresher? Read here

Well, none of that has changed. Its still rough and I still have no friends but I have a new ACTIVITY! I finally started my banjo lessons yesterday. I was pretty nervous about trying a new instrument and the banjo didn't cross me as the easiest so it only made sense that I try it. I ordered it off ebay from Eddie Speghetti in Arkansas, looked up a teacher off criagslist and showed up at his shambles of a house yesterday afternoon. This house is straight out ofAmityville Horror Movie... 
Dilapidated porch. Gray. Squeaky. SCARY! But, teach was waiting outside for me in his dirty white t-shirt and extremely large body smiling at me. I should have turned around and walked back to my car. But no, I yell "HI! Sorry I'm late!" He says, "No problem, everyone is in these parts". Lovely. 
I go to his back music room filled with stacks of sheet music, banjos, violins and books. I'm a tad uncomfortable because really... wtf am I doing here? Thennnnn, he starts jamming. Man, the MAN can JAM! Im immediately hooked and we begin our lesson. I learn how to hold it properly and also 3 rolls and 2 chords. I'm going to get good people, real good. Wanna know why? He scares the shit out of me and I feel like I really need to practice before next lesson or he'll kill me. This is gonna be awesome! 

But, look how cute do I look with a banjo on my butt. Does it make it look big? haha! 

Carrie Bluegrass Kirbs

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Morning Miscellany

So, the enchantress who runs this lil old blog has asked -ok, allowed is probably more accurate- me to help keep you, the beloved reader, entertained.

So I present to you, Monday Morning Miscellany.

Look for some stuff that I think is neat. If you don't like it it's not my fault, you just have terrible taste.

Cheers. and here's your first post.

Dateline, France.

Are we witnessing the end of a way of life? I certainly hope not. A Machine That Could End A French Way Of Life There are few things better than waking up, walking to the bakery or farmer's market and picking up a warm, fresh loaf. If you've any sense, you'll also pick up some proper butter (look for a super high fat content and for this purpose salted is just fine, thank you) some fresh eggs and some greens. Go home, put the greens on a plate, poach an egg and pop it on top of those greens, salt and pepper in abundance. Butter some bread. There is no better dressing for fresh greens than egg yolk. And that buttered baguette will surely come in handy.

Eat that and you'll be ready to take on the world.

But you'll need some jams to get you on your way. I recommend the debut album from Delicate Steve.  Almost entirely instrumental, this album of wonderfully realized indie pop gems are the perfect soundtrack for summer weekends. This is one of those rare albums that reveals something new with each spin. It's also one of those albums that works equally well in the background when you're catching up with friends on the deck enjoying a Primal Pale Ale from Evolution brewing evolution craft brewing(perfectly balanced, uncomplicated summer beer) or in the foreground, turned up, when you're getting ready for that bbq and you need a little jump start.

Speaking of bbqs, if you need to bring a side dish, please try this out and let me know if it's as scrumtrulescent as it looks. Try This! I'd make this with a simply broiled fish and serve with my favorite white. I'd eat it with someone I love and talk about everything and nothing all at once.

Until next time, be and do well.


Crazy, Stupid, Love.

... I went to see it.

I liked it. It was much more sad than I had anticipated, but the overall movie and cast were great. I have a massive crush on Emma Stone, even next to Ryan Gossling's "photoshopped" abs. Emma just seems to be one of those girls you could get a beer with at a baseball game or all-day shop for theme party costumes. Maybe my read on her is wrong, but, to me, I believe she is adorable.

Ryan Gossling's character is over the top "ladies man". His lines may work only because he's beyond cute but the way they made him dress... no thanks. Skinny suits just don't do it for me. I like my men to look like men. Ryan, grow your hair out some, grow some scruff and put on a t-shirt. Or, just always be Noah Calhoun from The Notebook and call it a day. forever.

Julianne Moore's character? Who cares, simply focus on her shoe selection. I was dying over a pair of gray mules at the high school and this pair of green heels at the backyard bash. Whoever dresses her deserves an award. For right now, she gets the Carrie Award. First time ever given an its for cool shoes in this movie.

Other character notes. Jessica Riley is the babysitter and I thought her face was going to spaz off with all the million facial expressions she makes per emotion per shot. Ok, I'm done.

Go see it. It's worth it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Little Game:

 Its Friday and that means there are lots of "YEY, YEY, YEY's" coming out of my mouth. I love Friday's. Even if it means doing nothing and pinching my lovey on the couch or making him dinner, I am a happy camper. Sitting at home or just relaxing was never part of my human chemistry for years but I am finding a lot more comfort relaxing.  I thank my lovely huzbo for teaching me this.

He really is my zen.

So this got me thinking about life plans. My life plans when I was younger were very interesting and unrealistic. I made a little list and you are more than welcome to do the same and share if you'd like. Send me your link to your blog and I'll post them so others can follow and fun with it too.

Its pretty funny where you THOUGHT you'd be at a certain age because you were getting "older".
Here you go:

Where I thought I'd be when I was 12: I thought I would be on track to be the best dancer in my high school and studio and practice, practice, practice to make it to Julliard in NYC.
Actuality: I was on track.

Where I thought I'd be when I was 16:  I thought I'd be dating the star athlete and having the best time of my life because duh... it's high school!
Actuality: I was grounded most of high school for really testing my parents patience and nerves and dating a total moron. ahaha!

Where I thought I'd be when I was 21: Living the gypsy life as a Production Assistant in LA and traveling all over the world (since that was my internship).
Actuality: after my internship I was back to college and bar-tending in South Carolina. My pops put an end to that gypsy dream because "getting a college degree is what's important!!!!" Blah blah blah! Some of my friends still on that movie crew are living in Prague and Germany. hmph. 

Where I thought I'd be when I was 25: Definitely married and having a kid on the way.
Actuality: How stupid was this? I really thought when I was about 23 that if I wasn't married and didn't have kids by 25 I would be a huge loser. So I nipped that in the bud by purchasing last min trips to Vegas, Miami and LA to live it up, listen to music and go to festivals and live the free life. I decided to marry crazy vacations and music instead. I was totally and against any sort of boyfriend or "being told what to do" lifestyle. To a fault.

Where I thought I'd be when I was 27: Living in a beautiful house with a picket white fence in the country of VA or in North Carolina with a huzbo and family. 
Actuality: Just quit a great job in DC, broke up with a total douche bag and was in the process of moving to Santa Monica with no real plans except seeing the west coast, my way. 

Where I thought Id be when I was 31: On my second or third kid being an outcast of the PTA for putting on ridiculous fundraisers and embarrassing my children.
Actuality: Dating the man of my dreams in Los Angeles,  doing bicycle bar crawls, playing on the beach and having literally, the TIME of my LIFE!

Where I think I'll be when I'm 35: Since I AM married now... I hope to have twins, named Bob and Bob. Traveling the world and still making my husband laugh and shake his head at my spontaneity. I'll also have my own business making extreme amounts of money and doing "laughing yoga" in my spare time.I hope to also live in a city that I love and have lots and lots and lots of friends.
Actuality: Only time will Tell

Where I think I'll be when I'm 40: still loving my life, happy with my family and have 150 dogs all named 'barky'.

Happy Friday My Friends! 


Thursday, August 11, 2011


Anyone who knew me as a little girl knows that I was a dancer. I looooooved to dance like a crazy person or dance for my studio for shows and recitals. I was addicted and I was damn good. haha! I took the usual classes that all little girls take, ballet, tap, jazz, modern and toe ballet but really loved ballet.

I was psyched to learn that a new ballet type studio was opening up here in Northern Liberties up the street from where I live. Its called Ballet Barre classes and its mainly a bar routine you did before class for ballet. Needless to say, I LOVE it. Its a great way to excersize and I'm happy to admit, my technique has not faded. Some of my flexibility? Maybe... but my pas de bourree's and developpe's are still White Swan. The studio also has a few Pilates mat classes that are a bit killer. Never thought I'd like pilates buts its proving itself to me little by little. Just seems so medieval with all that equipment.

But even with all these classes you can take, there is nothing like a good old fashioned looooooooooooong run. I just love zoning out, getting lost in thought or my ipod and running like forest gump.

It's Thursday and do you want a jam? I'm at a coffee shop right now on 2nd and they are blasting this song and its a good one... enjoy...

As for some new music, check her out...

Ane Brun - All Starts With One:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Jumble

must have for Fall


A Schrute would never smile that cute

is indeed fun!

will make one day in a public restroom.

Led Zeplin rockin a VERY sweet scarf. I want that jacket.