Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"its like our hearts are beating as one"

Dear True Blood,

Enough of this,

Bring back THIS!
this pansy Eric Northman is getting on my nerves.
While I'm playing fantasy True Blood, lets bring back Pam's face too.

Love, Carrie


Ginny said...

I would normally agree with you, but I've read all the books and "sensitive" Eric will grow on ya... Promise!

JenBax said...

I'm with Ginny, after reading all the books (13 to be exact!) I like Eric this way. WAY BETTER...but as you know of course I would say that...

PS. I don't like the long hair on Eric..

PSS. What happened to the first episode that they said their hair always stays the way it was when they died and then all of a sudden the next season they come back with haircuts!! hmmm

Care said...

Ginny and Jenn... my two sappy friends. :) hahah! Ok, I'll take your word for it that I'll like sensitive Eric. Its just so weird because he was so BAD ASS!

I should have read these books.

Jen, totally agree with you on the hair. I remembered that the other week. TV!