Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ba Ba Banjoooooooooo

So a few weeks back I was having a rough month because I had just moved to a new city and had no friends and that things were rough. Remember? Need a refresher? Read here

Well, none of that has changed. Its still rough and I still have no friends but I have a new ACTIVITY! I finally started my banjo lessons yesterday. I was pretty nervous about trying a new instrument and the banjo didn't cross me as the easiest so it only made sense that I try it. I ordered it off ebay from Eddie Speghetti in Arkansas, looked up a teacher off criagslist and showed up at his shambles of a house yesterday afternoon. This house is straight out ofAmityville Horror Movie... 
Dilapidated porch. Gray. Squeaky. SCARY! But, teach was waiting outside for me in his dirty white t-shirt and extremely large body smiling at me. I should have turned around and walked back to my car. But no, I yell "HI! Sorry I'm late!" He says, "No problem, everyone is in these parts". Lovely. 
I go to his back music room filled with stacks of sheet music, banjos, violins and books. I'm a tad uncomfortable because really... wtf am I doing here? Thennnnn, he starts jamming. Man, the MAN can JAM! Im immediately hooked and we begin our lesson. I learn how to hold it properly and also 3 rolls and 2 chords. I'm going to get good people, real good. Wanna know why? He scares the shit out of me and I feel like I really need to practice before next lesson or he'll kill me. This is gonna be awesome! 

But, look how cute do I look with a banjo on my butt. Does it make it look big? haha! 

Carrie Bluegrass Kirbs


Anonymous said...

Can you play the song from Deliverance yet?

Care said...

no. i just started. but, I will.