Friday, August 26, 2011

My Life Really Is Like This...

Scottie and I had awesome plans to go up to NYC to see my sister and go to the Dave Matthews Caravan concert this weekend on Governors Island. BUT, now that Irene has completely screwed us and everything was cancelled, I decided to go to the next best thing. 

The new grocery store GRAND OPENING, Super Fresh! 

I know, I know... catch your breath. I too was so very excited. THEY HAD LIVE MUSIC! 

there were celebrities, our mayor... Nutter. 
The veggies were oh so fresh and clean, 
and, I got to practice wearing my rain boots before this b*tch of a hurricane hits us. I'm so mad at her.
and just to add, and im not sure how I feel about admitting this, but, all my bags broke on my walk home and I almost cried. You all would have laughed at me. jerks.

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