Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rainy Day Workout-IN DA HOUSE

A1    Air Squats 50 reps
     no break
A2    Alternating Lunges 25 reps each side
     no break
A3    Frog Jumps 15 reps

3 MIN REST then repeat for 4 rounds

B1   Push-ups 15 reps
     no break
B2   Sit-ups 15 reps
     no break
B3   Burpees 30 reps example:

FOR TIME, how many rounds can you do in 5 min???

That's all for today............Keep it Tight


Care said...

burpees and frog jumps! I hope our downstairs neighbor is home! I will do this starting at 10:30 and post my embarrassing time. ooooooooo, just lay on the ground after one round and go to pilates mat class.

Tom, shut the door to your office and do this.

Anonymous said...

Burpees are a lot harder than you would think.

Anonymous said...

I thought a burpee was something you did after downing a 6-pack