Thursday, August 11, 2011


Anyone who knew me as a little girl knows that I was a dancer. I looooooved to dance like a crazy person or dance for my studio for shows and recitals. I was addicted and I was damn good. haha! I took the usual classes that all little girls take, ballet, tap, jazz, modern and toe ballet but really loved ballet.

I was psyched to learn that a new ballet type studio was opening up here in Northern Liberties up the street from where I live. Its called Ballet Barre classes and its mainly a bar routine you did before class for ballet. Needless to say, I LOVE it. Its a great way to excersize and I'm happy to admit, my technique has not faded. Some of my flexibility? Maybe... but my pas de bourree's and developpe's are still White Swan. The studio also has a few Pilates mat classes that are a bit killer. Never thought I'd like pilates buts its proving itself to me little by little. Just seems so medieval with all that equipment.

But even with all these classes you can take, there is nothing like a good old fashioned looooooooooooong run. I just love zoning out, getting lost in thought or my ipod and running like forest gump.

It's Thursday and do you want a jam? I'm at a coffee shop right now on 2nd and they are blasting this song and its a good one... enjoy...

As for some new music, check her out...

Ane Brun - All Starts With One:

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SHANNON said...

you always have these fabulous pics of you dancing or in dance poses! so this does not surprise me! :)