Thursday, August 18, 2011


Welcome to TANFA

Who am I?
Carrie posted an ad on craigslist wanting an Aussie to contribute to this blog, to make it more wordly if you will. I responded, and Wha La here I am!
(this may or may not be a complete lie)
(Carrie note: is a lie)

So, I bring to you....
Thursday Arvo Notes From Australia.

What better way to start that with something AMERICAN! ha! 

If you live in San Francisco, and are looking for a roommate, I suggest you hit this guy up...this might be one of the greatest Craigslist ads I've ever read...

(if it has been taken down by the time you read this...try the next link)

About me? I work in research with the government here in Australia. i know, you're super jealous! My days are filled with trying to understand why people drink and drive, why people take a ton of pills, or disco biscuits as i like to call them and take their car for a spin...basically why people act like dicks on the road. 
You get my point. 
Anyways, i thought i'd share some rather humurous ads that I'm working with right now. these ads are on bascially every billboard around the state of South Australia, they are on coasters in every pub, they've been made into stubbie holders (or koozies as you yanks call them). i think they are hilarious, and i'm super surprised the govt. has taken a rather crude method of advertising. do they stop drink driving? Ha! of course not. I think they just get a laugh and encourage profanity!

I'm sure you can figure them out...

It's friday morning here (i'm totally living in the future) and in light of that, I'm going to share with you, every week, a special JAM, that made the hit-list of carrie and I carpooling to work everyday when we lived in LA. we used to ROCK OUT. this one was definitely a regular:

until next time, SMILE, it's nearly the WEEKEND!



Anonymous said...

Wow, she's from the future!

Care said...

Aussies are spaz's.