Friday, August 19, 2011


It's almost Back To School time and this makes me smile.
I LOVED the first day of school. My mom would make me take a First Day Of School photo in the morning and I have them all from first grade to senior year. (I gotta find those). Pretty sure I never acted too cool for them because I knew how stupidly awesome they were. I also always spent hours choosing my outfits for the first week but would always just wear my cheerleading outfit everyday. My mom would yell at me to put on more mascara and to brush my hair and I'd always just fly out the door running up to the bus stop right as it was pulling up. Ah, first jitters... they were the BEST! I think I enjoy the "the first days". Maybe this is why I get excited to start a new job, start a new activity, class or lesson... its that addiction of the jitter/nervousness. The unknown.

to all those kids out there that are starting up a new school year (and not reading this blog). Reach out and be a friend to someone who you didn't know from the last year or someone brand new to the school. That was my move. I would go right up to that new kid and take him/her under my wing and lead them to the best FIRST DAY ever. Or they would most likely go home and be like, "this crazy b*tch would not leave me alone!!!  Actually, i have a few friends who say the latter on their first days. hahaha! Sorry I'm not sorry.

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