Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Suprasensorial: Experiments in Light, Color and Space

You should go to this. I did, and I took a few pics to pique your interest. Extra awesome bonus? For the exhibit, one artist equipped a room with mattresses and pillows, and projects photos while a great soundtrack plays. Super secret snuggle spot so take someone cute. Runs through May 13th.

Monday, February 27, 2012

US Botanic Garden

Best time to visit the US Botanic Garden? Now. It's a great escape from winter, even if winter this year is oddly mild, and through the 29th of April you can see the annual orchid festival. I went, it was a treat and I took some pictures for you.


I am a self admitted Instagram addict. I post pictures allllllllllll the time. I do this probably for a few reasons,
1. I love photography.
2. I love all the fun filters.
3. I love the simplicity of it. Take picture, there it is...
4. My pictures are rad.

Now, what do I do with these photos that I take? I haven't done anything with them yet. I have seen a few things online about making a book -- which would be cool. Or, a calendar BUT, I have become very into POSTAGRAMING these days! What is better than getting a postcard? Getting a post card with a fun picture on it!


So, I have been sending Postagrams like mad. All you need to do is download the app and start sending. They are .99cents per postcard which can add up if not careful... or if not sober. But, for the most part, they are all good fun. I just sent this one to my mom to show her dogs. Yep, seriously.

let me know if you want to be postagram pals. ;)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

FIONNA!!! The singer, not the ogre.

Ive been a bad bad girl. 
Ive been careless with a delicate man. 
And its a sad sad world
When a girl will break a boy
Just because she can. 

the beginning lines to one of my most favorite songs of all time. Fionna Apple captured my ears and strangely my music heart in my Junior year of high school year. Maybe it was her lyrics I related with, maybe because she too was a fellow female teenager,  or maybe because her songs are just so hauntingly beautiful... who knows...  But I was hooked and wore out her CD's faster than any other I owned.

Her debut album was packed with great songs, most played were Criminal and Shadow Boxer on radio waves... but for me, it was always Never Is a Promise that would still to this day be a tear jerker.

Oh Fionna, I am happy you are back. I missed your deep set almost dehydrated eyes. I missed your low enchanting voice and Ive missed songs that tell a story.

You play here in March, your tickets are REALLY expensive. (Jerk). 

Fionna in 1996. LOVED this video.
her now. glad to see she filled out a bit.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, DFW

One of my favorite writers would have been 50 years old today.

“Fiction is one of the few experiences where loneliness can be both confronted and relieved. Drugs, movies where stuff blows up, loud parties -- all these chase away loneliness by making me forget my name's Dave and I live in a one-by-one box of bone no other party can penetrate or know. Fiction, poetry, music, really deep serious sex, and, in various ways, religion -- these are the places (for me) where loneliness is countenanced, stared down, transfigured, treated.” ― David Foster Wallace

“The really important kind of freedom involves attention, and awareness, and discipline, and effort, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them, over and over, in myriad petty little unsexy ways, every day.” ― David Foster Wallace, This Is Water


Bears Love Honey...


Thought I Forgot About You?

Never. I'm like an elephant. Just had my head in the clouds.

This is what it sounds like up there:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pics From The Weekend

Dont' call social services on me please. :)
my parents beautiful home in Southern Virginia (can't wait for the summer there!)
waiting for trains in snow storms
nerds doing puzzles
my rad shoes that look like an elf would own them.
me overly smiling and Scott making a really rude face.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pret A Pretty!

Who knew eating healthy and inexpensively could also look so pretty!
I have slightly been obsessed with Pret A Manger since moving to NYC. Probably for a few reasons, 
1. its inexpensive
2. they list the calories on big signs in front of the salad or sandwhich
3. its made fresh daily
4. Its damn good. 
5. Its pretty. 
Maybe next week I'll venture to try some new places. But, with the cold... it like to stick close by. 

My Morning Commute

I am actually playing My Morning Jacket's Victory Dance right now so, hence the blog title. This whole album is so good, btw.

What are yall doing this weekend? We are heading back to Philly to pack up, move some stuff down to my  parents house in Southern VA and then make our way back up to NYC for a week of work and then move the rest of our stuff up next weekend. Its been a very VERY long month. 

Here are some pics of my morning through the eyes of my iPhone.

Kirbo walking to the ferry
Hi Ferry! So nice to see you in the mornings!
just love a 735a photo sesh, huh?
a very cloud NYC
Its in the 50's today. This long down jacket is way to aggressive for this weather.
Yummy Breakfast from Pret A Manger
At my office showing Scottie the amazing view I have of an apt. building. I keep an eye out for weird stuff. Don't you worry. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I saw on my way to work this morning

lots these
every day.
ride this on the way home.
ride this in the morning getting off the Ferry. I love that it was shrink wrapped with "Mob Wives"

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Totally Square in Times Square

celebrating our third Valentines Day in our third state that we've moved to.
what i bought Scott from Insomnia Cookie. Yes, I call him Stink Bug.


Couple things:
I can't WAIT for Spring -- even though this winter on the East Coast has been very mild and not much to complain about.
With Spring comes open toed shoes and sandals ... like these...

Samos Patent-Detailed Leather Sandals ($875)
Are you a fan of the newest trend, tri-colored heels? I am. These Jimmy Choo's are amazing and I want them but I want them for FREE. How can I get them for FREE? No clue... but paying $875 for a pair of shoes just doesn't happen in my world. They are pretty though, arent they? I'm sure Nine West will come out with a pair closer to my price range and then I will strut.

(I could stare at these all day.)

Forget Tebow'ing...

Bring on the Linning!


As a new New Yorker... I am jumping on this band wagon! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Since its the day of hearts I thought about hand drawing a valentine for my love. But, I draw him stupid pictures all the time. Then I thought id send him the "love" sign picture I took outside my office on 6th ave. But, I put that in Instagram instead. So what does a girl do to post how much she loves her husband??

You say it in the form of a chocolate shaped heart. Your other favorite sweet.

Yes, lovey, I went to Duane Reed and bought Raisinets after our big lunch this afternoon. I'm addicted to chocolate.. And you. Happy Valentine's Day!

All those chocolate covered goodness's are now gone. In my belly. Tum ache in about 5 min. Ugh.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012


We went to an awesome taco place last night in Nolita,NYC called Tacombi. The ambiance alone made the place worth coming to with the guys making taco's from an old VW and strings of lights hanging from above. If it wasn't absolutely freezing out, I may have believed that I actually was in a small town in Mexico. I ordered the crispy fish tacos but they had a wide variety of types to try. See menu here.
I also tried their fresh watermelon juice which was amazing! It was thick and so so SO good. The only thing that would have made it better was if I brought a flask of vodka and added it. I may try to recreate that this summer. 
So far, I'm loving NYC.
My waistline is not. 
( I again forgot to add pics of the little tacos because i was eating the so fast.)
watermelon Juice (far right) 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Carved Pages

These are books carved by the amazing Guy Laramee.

Click here to check out his other amazing works. I find these incredible. The detail is supreme!

Checking a Bag? NO!

Need tips on how to travel lighter?

Whitney over at "Get me Out of LA" found an awesome travel guide for your next trip. I needed to do this with my last trip to Seattle!

Check out her blog here

Careful with reading her blog... she will make you want to get up from your desk and travel the world... or at least look at incredible pictures of it.


Good Morning! 

I need to read this.(Can't wait). LINK FIXED

You need to watch this. (Amazing).

I need to master this. (Its so damn good).

I should buy this. (Might be helpful).

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No Thanks

I feel that it's necessary for me to request that my nomination for best male artist be withdrawn and furthermore any awards or nominations for such awards that may arise in later years be presented to those who feel more comfortable with the competitive nature of these award ceremonies. I myself, do not. I have always been of the opinion that my music is unique and individual and exists beyond the realms inhabited by those who would reduce things to mere measuring. I am in competition with no-one.

My relationship with my muse is a delicate one at the best of times and I feel that it is my duty to protect her from influences that may offend her fragile nature.

She comes to me with the gift of song and in return I treat her with the respect I feel she deserves — in this case this means not subjecting her to the indignities of judgement and competition. My muse is not a horse and I am in no horse race and if indeed she was, still I would not harness her to this tumbrel — this bloody cart of severed heads and glittering prizes. My muse may spook! May bolt! May abandon me completely!

So once again, to the people at MTV, I appreciate the zeal and energy that was put behind my last record, I truly do and say thank you and again I say thank you but no...no thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Cave

Nail Ring

I bet my Huzbo HATES it. 
Still Need it!
link to buy
totally creepy, right? Still like it a lot.
Send Positive Vibes That We Get This Apartment!!! 
Living on my sisters floor is FUN, but, I need a bed. 

 please please please please please please
Now that I ride MASS public transportation I have forgotten how bad people smell. I mean, its outrageous to think that people walk out of thier homes smelling like a garbage can or worse. I'm not a fan of showering, the process takes a while (for a girl with long hair) and its just a pain... but, I see the benefits of it because I SMELL GOOD! I want other people to think I smell good too and God forbid someone looks at me and thinks that I STINK. That is just NOT going to happen to me. So, to prevent this from EVER happening I did a list of sweet smelling scents for your viewing pleasure. For your smelling pleasure you should go buy some.

That guy in front of me on the ferry seriously smelled like a butt. So gross.

This smells amazeballs: 
This makes my nostrils happy
The BEST Lotion EVER. Smells like Heaven.
Your Home Will Smell Amaze
Old Faithful

Ok. That's enough for now. I actually think I did forget to put on deodorant today. Dammit. There is a Duane Reed right downstairs... going now. :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


First day in Brooklyn and we had to get some hotdogs!!! We went to Crif and it did not disappoint. Check out all the different types of 'dogs you could get! Scott got a bacon wrapped one and I went for the veggie. So good. In fact, they were soooooooo SOOOO good I forgot to take a picture of the actual HOTDOG! It's a good excuse to go back now. :)

look at all those options! I had veggie and scott went with the BLT
lady hugging a weiner.

Chick Sh*t

Hunger Games...

Is it Chick Sh*t? I found it to be much more entertaining than the Twilight series AND much more gruesome and dark. Yes, there is a love story and yes, there is a love triangle... but, there is also killer beasts, arrows to the heart and death matches! I just really hope that Hollywood gives this movie all it COULD live up to be. I think that the book had a lot of imagination to uphold and they could make it VERY good, but, it's Hollywood and they mainly do things to make money. Therefore, I believe that the movie will be PG and Rue's demise will be much more tame then what the book portrays. I will not let go of my hope however, that this movie will be awesome. I will still go in positive that Katnis will be the baddest of all post-apocalyptic warriors Ive ever seen! If not, I'll bash the movie and get blacked out in homage of Haymitch.

photo taken in Seattle on a post. I thought it was a pretty hilarious name for a book club.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Last of Seattle iPhone Pics

Dear Seattle,
Thank you for the great time, wet boots and amazing visuals. I WILL be back.