Friday, February 17, 2012

My Morning Commute

I am actually playing My Morning Jacket's Victory Dance right now so, hence the blog title. This whole album is so good, btw.

What are yall doing this weekend? We are heading back to Philly to pack up, move some stuff down to my  parents house in Southern VA and then make our way back up to NYC for a week of work and then move the rest of our stuff up next weekend. Its been a very VERY long month. 

Here are some pics of my morning through the eyes of my iPhone.

Kirbo walking to the ferry
Hi Ferry! So nice to see you in the mornings!
just love a 735a photo sesh, huh?
a very cloud NYC
Its in the 50's today. This long down jacket is way to aggressive for this weather.
Yummy Breakfast from Pret A Manger
At my office showing Scottie the amazing view I have of an apt. building. I keep an eye out for weird stuff. Don't you worry. 

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