Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chick Sh*t

Hunger Games...

Is it Chick Sh*t? I found it to be much more entertaining than the Twilight series AND much more gruesome and dark. Yes, there is a love story and yes, there is a love triangle... but, there is also killer beasts, arrows to the heart and death matches! I just really hope that Hollywood gives this movie all it COULD live up to be. I think that the book had a lot of imagination to uphold and they could make it VERY good, but, it's Hollywood and they mainly do things to make money. Therefore, I believe that the movie will be PG and Rue's demise will be much more tame then what the book portrays. I will not let go of my hope however, that this movie will be awesome. I will still go in positive that Katnis will be the baddest of all post-apocalyptic warriors Ive ever seen! If not, I'll bash the movie and get blacked out in homage of Haymitch.

photo taken in Seattle on a post. I thought it was a pretty hilarious name for a book club.

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