Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Now that I ride MASS public transportation I have forgotten how bad people smell. I mean, its outrageous to think that people walk out of thier homes smelling like a garbage can or worse. I'm not a fan of showering, the process takes a while (for a girl with long hair) and its just a pain... but, I see the benefits of it because I SMELL GOOD! I want other people to think I smell good too and God forbid someone looks at me and thinks that I STINK. That is just NOT going to happen to me. So, to prevent this from EVER happening I did a list of sweet smelling scents for your viewing pleasure. For your smelling pleasure you should go buy some.

That guy in front of me on the ferry seriously smelled like a butt. So gross.

This smells amazeballs: 
This makes my nostrils happy
The BEST Lotion EVER. Smells like Heaven.
Your Home Will Smell Amaze
Old Faithful

Ok. That's enough for now. I actually think I did forget to put on deodorant today. Dammit. There is a Duane Reed right downstairs... going now. :)

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Anonymous said...

Duane. What a name. Just look at how it's spelled!