Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Morning Miscellany

So, the enchantress who runs this lil old blog has asked -ok, allowed is probably more accurate- me to help keep you, the beloved reader, entertained.

So I present to you, Monday Morning Miscellany.

Look for some stuff that I think is neat. If you don't like it it's not my fault, you just have terrible taste.

Cheers. and here's your first post.

Dateline, France.

Are we witnessing the end of a way of life? I certainly hope not. A Machine That Could End A French Way Of Life There are few things better than waking up, walking to the bakery or farmer's market and picking up a warm, fresh loaf. If you've any sense, you'll also pick up some proper butter (look for a super high fat content and for this purpose salted is just fine, thank you) some fresh eggs and some greens. Go home, put the greens on a plate, poach an egg and pop it on top of those greens, salt and pepper in abundance. Butter some bread. There is no better dressing for fresh greens than egg yolk. And that buttered baguette will surely come in handy.

Eat that and you'll be ready to take on the world.

But you'll need some jams to get you on your way. I recommend the debut album from Delicate Steve.  Almost entirely instrumental, this album of wonderfully realized indie pop gems are the perfect soundtrack for summer weekends. This is one of those rare albums that reveals something new with each spin. It's also one of those albums that works equally well in the background when you're catching up with friends on the deck enjoying a Primal Pale Ale from Evolution brewing evolution craft brewing(perfectly balanced, uncomplicated summer beer) or in the foreground, turned up, when you're getting ready for that bbq and you need a little jump start.

Speaking of bbqs, if you need to bring a side dish, please try this out and let me know if it's as scrumtrulescent as it looks. Try This! I'd make this with a simply broiled fish and serve with my favorite white. I'd eat it with someone I love and talk about everything and nothing all at once.

Until next time, be and do well.


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Care said...

omg, I am so riding my bike up to the farmers this weekend and buying bread for that vege/yolk tastiness!

i can't eat corn so you are SOL with that one, but I bet its yummy to the tummy.

listening to the tunes now.

Welcome EY., :)