Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just Gotta Say It

(this is not directly at anyone who I am friends with or that I know very well. This is directed to those I never asked or dreamed of asking for their opinions). 

I don't care how you delivered your baby.

I don't care if you had it naturally and that you look at me like I should bow down and give you Mother Theresa ranking.

I don't believe the celebs that say, "I've never felt more beautiful then when I'm pregnant". I'm pretty uncomfortable.

I don't need you to say "I'm sorry you have to go back to work" when we discuss whether or not we're keeping our employment.

I'm taking the needle, I don't judge you for not. Nor do I think you're better than me.

The sentence, "births in hospitals are so traumatizing for babies". Now really? In a world of our science and technology, why on earth are we still torturing and traumatizing babies? I for one do not remember my birth or it being traumatizing... but, if these people do and are still affected by it... I'm really sorry for you.

Co-sleeping vs cribs, pacifiers vs no pacifiers, how long you breast feed etc. I'll figure it out when I have too. Just because you do it one way, doesn't mean its the best for my little bundle.

Women need to stop judging and being so competitive with pregnancy. Can't we just be cheerleaders and sounding boards for each other? Wish everyone well for a safe delivery... no matter how you do it...  

Rant. Done.


The Sohm's said...

Well said, just wait until you are closer to delivery people say the dumbest things to you. I was pretty big pregnant and I was in walmart talking on my phone and some lady (didn't even know her) said, "If my dad were here he would ask you what watermelon patch did you steal that watermelon from." Really!!! Some people are so DUMB!!!

KJS said...

DAMN STRAIGHT CARRIE!!!!! I love it. I hate when women pull that crap. Wait until you get the "you haven't had that baby yet?" question nine hundred freaking times - HELL NO, I haven't had the damn baby, I'm still a fatass you jerk!!! hahahahaaa can't ya tell that one really got off with me? Do what's best for you and try to ignore the idiots out there!!! Hope you are doing good, private message me a bump pic...pretty pretty pleeeeeease?