Friday, June 15, 2012

For Real?

Ive seen a lot of disturbing things in my lifetime. but, I think this one takes top prize. I will explain as much as I can with out making you throw up.

If you want to see this disgusting'ness head on down to 55th and 6th Ave. Head on down there around 5:00pm EST and make sure you're on the side of the street where the LOVE sign is because the other side might be too disturbing.

A man walks about 20 steps into the street, pulls his pants down, bends over and goes to the bathroom. Not just a simple wizzz... no, the whole shabang... a big massive crapola. There have got to be at least 60 people on this corner at any given time and he just doesn't care.

I do feel badly for him because something terrible must have happened to him in his life to get him to this point, but, come on... there are a million ally's or OTHER places to do this. the middle of the street cannot be his best option.

Anyways, add that to your list of attractions next time you're visiting NYC. You can thank me later.


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