Friday, September 9, 2011

Miami Fashion Finds

In honor of fashion week I want to talk about, well, FASHION. But not just any old style ... these are a few special finds from my recent trip to Meee-ami.

Delfina Delettrez Fendi's Luxury Jewelry Line - Holy bananas this stuff is so cool and edgy! Delfina obviously has the good-taste-genes too, and apparently has become a big hit in the industry since she's worked with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld.

Delfina sporting her signature skeleton bracelet cuff. Love it. Only costs a whopping 20k!

An assortment of Delfina's eery jewelry... I love the vampire lips double ring and the big eye ball ring! Perfect in time for Halloween, if only I were to win the lottery.

Nolex Faux Rolex Watches- Ha! Truly clever, trendy, and fun. These are watches turned bracelets are the brainchild of designer, Nasha Brilli. They are made from a Rolex mold and then covered in leather. They come in black, gold, and a bunch of other colors. Still not cheap, but much more affordable than the real deal.

Bling, bling. A gold covered Nolex. Hawt.

Brightly-colored skinny pants/jeggings- This is a fall must in my humble opinion. Adds a nice, big punch of bright color. A bunch of labels are carrying them, including AG jeans, Guess Jeans, and H&M... so go on and get yourself a'll actually be able to afford this one, I promise!

The morale of the story. If we really want to be fashionable we clearly must be Italian (or just European in general), but the rest of us can at least try!

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Care said...

OMG! I am OBSESSED with that watch! I just looked it up and put it on my wish list. the black leather... oh my oh my!!! You are BAD Anne Marie! I do need it though. I'm still debating the colored jeans. I might start with red. Not sure why its so frightening to me. :) Great fashion post! Can't wait to see more! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that skeleton bracelet cuff made me think of the mean guys in the Karate Kid movies and then I thought about trying to build that shower costume Ralph Machio wore for Halloween this year. Mr Miagi had a great deck.