Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend WrapUp

This weekend we ended up finishing up our apartment full of boxes, buying necessary items and watching A LOT of football. I kind of like moving during football season, it leads to automatic Saturdays of watching it. Usually we move in February where there is NOTHING going on and its horrifically cold, so we end up staring at each other and being bored. Moving after Labor Day -- for once, a good idea.

I can't express the craziness it is to move (most recently) from Brooklyn/NYC to Winston-Salem. This is the SMALLEST town I have ever lived in. To put it in perspective, Manhattan is 33.7sq miles and has 1.6 million people living in it. Winston-Salem is 134sq miles and has 232,000 people living in it. There are 100 more miles of space here and not even a quarter of a million people... SMALL. TOWN. It really is charming though. I have a bakery with coffee downstairs, about 5 bars, a furniture store, some cute art galleries, a tiny music venue and a little market -- and that is town, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my new life.

I found a bit of street art. Made me nostalgic for dear ole Brooklyn.

A post I will touch on this week. The question, "Where do you worship" is asked... A LOT.

Winston-Salem may have the greatest farmers market I have EVER seen. Its unreal and when I go next, I will take many more pictures.
One of my fave things I saw at the Farmers Market. I mean, deep fried candy bars and Pork Skins and Cracklin?

Another post I'll touch this week. We walked 10 minutes north and ran into Old Salem. Its adorably adorable. Seriously, that adorable. :)

So, theyre not hipsters on Bedford, but, this little country band set up on my street and covered Wilco most of the afternoon. I, along with the rest of the town lined the streets to watch.

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