Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Town/New Life

So we made it! We're officially moved in and the apartment is halfway set up. We live in a great apartment for less than half we paid in Brooklyn and about three times the space. Pretty unreal. We are very happy with our living accommodations. I was just speaking to my friend about my first three days here and she asked if I was having some culture shock. I took a minute to answer and realized that no, I'm not having culture shock. I grew up below the Mason Dixon and went to college in South Carolina for 5 years (yep, 5) so I'm used to the culture. I think its the "lack of people" shock and "lack of things to do and see" shock. I walked the circumference of the "city" twice yesterday with Mack.

I do like it. Its charming and my goodness... the people. The people are insanely nice! That has been very comforting moving to a new place. I'm not sure of what my day to day will be here -- god knows what I'll get into. (there are not many opportunities for employment here. Thankfully its uber cheap.)

Life will be different but it was different in all my moves. Virginia to South Carolina to LA to Philly to New York City and now to North Carolina. I learn from all of my life's journey -- this one will be no exception. I'll share my new town with y'all as I gadabout around.


Map of Downtown Winston Salem

Me and Mack

its not quite the Freedom Tower and Williamsburg Bridge. But, here is my new sunset.

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