Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend WrapUp

This weekend I had one of the greatest people in my life visit me! I haven't seen my amazing friend Katie in about 1.5 years and that is entirely way too long. She flew down to good ole North Carolina on a Friday afternoon and I don't think I stopped talking or smiling the entire time. We have known each other for 30 years now... 30 YEARS! That is unheard of and I'm so happy that we have been so close through out them all. She's been with me through amazing times and also very dark times and I cherish them all. I love you, Katie! Thank you for visiting me and sorry I don't live in a more exciting spot. Made me miss NYC THAT much more.

Remember when I used to post pictures of amazing skylines and buildings? Yes, me too. Now its just random barns on walks.

So, now that I've been here two weeks already, I'm adjusting and I think facing reality that this IS my reality. I miss the city. I miss my friends... I miss having a friend. Dare I say I miss the chaos? OK, well, I do. I miss it a lot! I miss having things to TALK about and the "omg, did you see/hear/taste that?!" I miss the taxi's flying past me. I miss the hustle of the subway and I even miss "hello my name is Marty -- I'm homeless and I"m hungry" homeless dude on the L Train. I miss inappropriate street art. I miss choices.  I miss walking into my giant building on 6th Ave with my name on my cube at an amazing Tech Company. I miss getting a shitty $15.00 salad for lunch and my bagel guy who used to call me Boss. I miss delivery, boy... do I miss delivery.

The greatest part about living in NYC was that when I first moved there and didn't know anyone, the city itself, became my best friend. She was always there and she was always ON! I had endless things to do, see and explore and I'm so thankful that I did. Here... well, here, is different. There really isn't much to do, see or explore, at. all. I think I've done it all. I walk around my tiny town all day long and people must wonder what the heck I do. The answer, nothing. I'm basically retired (not many opportunities) and this is coming from a girl who never wanted to retire... I enjoy working. I enjoy having a schedule and I enjoy having things to do -- I thrive on being busy. It makes me who I am. Here, I have nothing but time. With moving comes adjusting and getting on with life a little differently. Slowing down to a near stop is hard, but, I'm doing my best.

Enjoy your amazing week, friends!

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