Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Walkabouts

Hi! A friend of mine asked me to write down the encounters I have with people on my walks -- you see, people talk to you all the time. It doesn't matter if you're sitting on a bench or eating lunch. Someone will no doubt, walk up to you and have a conversation about weather, your shoes, your dog or a cloud in the sky. Its pretty unbelievable, but as a girl who loves people and loves a strange conversation, its awesome for me.

I was walking down by the tracks with my dog and came upon two older men who were in their late 40's. One was sitting on a bench next to the tattoo shop and the other was painting an old ironing board.

They stopped me to ask about my weird looking dog. I told them his name was Mack and they asked him how his morning was. I smiled and introduced myself as well. They asked where I was from as they dont recognize me and I answered with Brooklyn. George then said the most amazing greeting that I was not expecting, but I now love,  (written in his accent - if only I could express his draw a little more) "We won't hold it against youuu that it took ya so long to get heeeerrre, as long as yer heeerrre."  I melted.

George then told me that "if ya need some ink, come to this place, lemme show you what they gave me". He then showed me about four tattoos that were actually quite stunning. I complimented him on his artwork and then moved on to the man, Mike, who was painting ironing boards. I asked him if he sold them... (he looked at me very confused) "now, why would I sell ironing boards... that just seems weird, I paint em cause I like em -- dats all". If he only knew that people would pay good money for an ironing board painting in Brooklyn. For now, I'll just continue telling him that his work is terrific while he paints on the corner.

Until next time, Mike and George!

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