Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Old Salem (Part One)

This is Old Salem and I have the pleasure of being walking distance (10 minute walk) from this adorable little town. It really is one of the cutest places I have ever visited and now, I get to call it home. I can walk here from a little path called "The Strollaway" - really - into this old 1700's town that was founded by Moravians. Little known fact, I grew up Moravian -- so this is just real weird! My grandmother however, extremely happy that I can visit this settlement. Getting back to Old Salem, its adorable and we walked down the main street to quickly breathe it in, as it seemed we went back in time. I wrote "Part One" above because I'm sure I'll be visiting through here many more times.

Scottie and Mack in a barn

little houses - this town is almost like a Hollywood movie set, but, its real.

This is one of my favorites - its an old gun shop from the early 1800's. The gun maker was inside working, I'm going to go back and talk to that guy -- for like an hour.

and here we are... sticking out like sore thumbs in this old town. No chance I'm changing though!

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