Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to where I started

This article really resonated with me. Like this girl, I did an internship in LA from college in South Carolina (born in VA) and was treated like I had five heads and it was crazy I was able to speak in full sentences. At my internship (which was a movie set) the actors assumed I lived on a farm and that Ive never seen anything fun or exciting my whole life. (I had actually traveled most of Europe by the time I was 10). So, I let them assume and went for a fantastic ride. Now that I'm back in The South (Capital "T" and "S" - just like she says),  it really is like coming home to a sweet familiar, even though its still, weird as hell.

Excerpt from the article:
The South is thunderstorms and slow talkers, sweetened drinks and neighbors who bring over cookies, mayonnaise on every sandwich and murky lazy rivers in dry counties that you sneak beer into and lose your key while floating down and still get a ride home cause we’re all good ole boys and girls. Now that I’m back as an “experienced adult”, and little more as an outsider, I want everyone to see it nonpolitically and get barefootedly drunk.

You can read this rest here. 

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