Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tis The Season

... Of Holiday Parties!

Like most everyone, I love the holidays. But, I love the holidays mostly because of the parties and there is ALWAYS that someone from work that gets entirely too tipsy and makes a massive fool of themselves. Gosh, I love watching that train wreck happen. I'll be fair, I was that someone a few times in my life. Will I go into detail further about it? Not entirely, but, it did involve a hotel bar in Los Angeles ending in a shady bar in Brentwood playing cards in a kitchen with a bunch of Mexicans. Was awesome! Morning after was not.

Because I work at home I do not have a work holiday party to feast my eyes on embarrassing debauchery. I won't get to watch Carly dance drunkenly while her jeans are half way down to her knees or Jonathan barf in the bathroom. So, be kind to me and please let me know of any awesome co-worker horror stories that happen at your holiday parties this year. I will be very appreciative! Perhaps I'll have my own party one afternoon here at my house with some bottles of wine and my ipod. (That just depressed me).


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the aussie said...

oh yes, holiday parties...i distinctly remember one carrie marvin FRAMING ME and getting me cut off from the bar at approximately 8pm - that's when i knew we were bound to be best of friends.
my holiday party is in canberra next week, but i have refused to attend this's no lrw that's for sure ;( instead i am taking the day off and going to the beach.