Tuesday, August 10, 2010

now this is MY kinda wedding cake! 
its a CHEESE WEDDING CAKE! No, not a cheese cake... a CHEESE wedding cake. I love it! I don't like sweets OR cake so this would be the way I would roll if it were a perfect world. Too bad my sister and mother would kill me. They are in charge of wedding cake tasting. I'll just shove it in Scott's face. ;) I kid.


El Cheese said...

why don't you do cupcakes as the bottom 3 tiers and a big cake as the top tier? I'd be happy to make it for you :-)

Kevin said...

Carrie! Of course you know that is Kevin's and my favorite food! I've never seen a cake like that. That would be great for a pre-party. Hmmmmmmmmmmm :)