Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ok, now for a little catch-up... 

Over the Labor Day Weekend we made our way south to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. It's otherwise known on the east coast as OBX. Our trip had a little detour as we had hurricane Earl on our heels and the coast was evacuated so we had to stay the night in Norfolk, VA where we watched the COCKS BEAT SOUTHERN MISS at a local Hooters. Yes, Hooters. To make it even better, there was NO ONE there, BUT, we did end up winning which is always nice. :) We also hit up Busch Gardens for five hours that afternoon. Scottie was so amazed at how they serve beer at the theme park. It's owned by Anheuser-Busch... Busch Gardens... BEER! COASTERS! Carrie got sick... no more beers and coasters, I wait. haha!

Tom very upset at hurricane Earl for messing up our plans. 
Us cheering on the cocks at hooters.
We woke up early and made our way down to OBX - nags head to be precise. The weather ended up being perfect and we had such a great time hanging out with friends and making fun of Tom. 

Us checking out the post-hurricane waves from Earl

Tom hanging out on the sand with his hair pants. 
We ended up leaving on Sunday and driving north to my parents lake house to see my grandparents who drove down from PA. Scottie and I knee boarded and ended the long weekend roasting marshmellows and talking about how football. Such a great weekend. What did yall do?

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nataliegracie said...

Sounds like a similar weekend to us! We got stuck in Richmond while Earl blew through and then went just south of the Outer Banks (Atlantic Beach) for the rest of the weekend!

Bwhaahaha to HAIR PANTS!