Wednesday, January 19, 2011

oh, hi

Sooooooo, I decided to come back to the blogging world.

hi. :)

and HI, SHANNON! Thanks for the push!

Whats been going on with me? wellllllllllllllllllll, I'm getting married in 4 months, I'm moving in 2 weeks to Philadelphia and I'm EXPECTING! (a puppy) this year. haha!

Fi (fiance) and I just got back from Scottsdale, AZ visiting his family and let me tell you how amazing the warm sun felt. i wasn't bundled up like the little brother on A Christmas Story and I think I actually got a little sunburn on my face. A SUNBURN! Ahhhhh, the powers of the west coast in the winter. But now, I'm back on the east coast freezing and stressing over where the hell to move in Philadelphia. Why Philly you ask? Well... because Fi got a great job offer there and I've never lived there before... so... in true CarrieandScott fashion, we're up and moving. Again. :) This will be the second big move in a year. Los Angeles to Virginia to Philadelphia. Where's NEXT?!

I love a good adventure and that is why I decided to blog again. You can experience the new Carriedelphia with me.

Here's a pic of Fi and I in Zona.

If anyone has any suggetions about places in Philly... PLEASE SHARE!



woo hoo! you are welcome for the push! :) HA!......omg, i saw "expecting" and thought whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaattttttt??? :) haha you got me... love this awesome sunset/sunrise picture! Very cool! :)

Mamma said...

So happy you are back!!!! One of my favorite pictures of you guys.